Monday, October 08, 2007

Now's Your Chance to Vote for the Favorite Herb and Favorite Vegetable of 2007!

It's finally time to vote for your favorite herb and favorite vegetable of 2007 as part of the Two Year Anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging. This year there are two parts of the Doubly Delicious Celebraton:

1. Anyone who's a fan of Weekend Herb Blogging is invited to vote for your favorite herb and favorite vegetable of 2007. If you're a reader of Kalyn's Kitchen who's not a blogger, we hope you'll still participate! Votes in this poll will determine the winner of our contest to predict the favorites. (Since we're voting for favorites now, the contest is closed.)

2. Bloggers are invited to post any recipe with at least one vegetable and one herb for this special WHB event. Deadline is October 14, 3:00 P.M. (Utah time) and here's where to send your entry. Please link to Kalyn's Kitchen mentioning the two year anniversary and include your name, location, recipe name, blog name, and the post permalink in the e-mail.

Thanks to my uber-talented and generous brother, Rand, for creating the polls for me. Now, click the "continue reading" link to vote in the poll or see the results!

It was impossible to create a poll with every type of herb or vegetable that exists! If your favorite isn't listed, you can still vote for that herb or vegetable by leaving a comment. In some browsers, you need to click once to activate the poll, then click again to select the item and then click vote. To check results, you may need to click directly on the little symbol in front of the words View Results.

(Edit - Sunday, October 24, 4:00 P.M. - The winners are TOMATO with 23 votes and BASIL with 33 votes. There were 124 votes for favorite vegetable and 118 for favorite herb. There were 13 people who correctly guessed the winners! Check back tomorrow to see who won the cookbooks.)

Thanks for voting and for your support of Weekend Herb Blogging! Winners and the recap for the two year entries will be posted sometime on Monday, October 15.
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  1. I'm recording a vote for Chives for someone who e-mailed me that the second poll didn't work correctly for them.

  2. Neat polls Kalyn. They worked fine for me.

  3. Is this like the old Chicago elections - vote early and vote often? Just kidding, my votes are in... I'll play nice!

  4. This should be quite a fun party, Kalyn!

  5. Sue, glad to hear it.

    Katie, I'm pretty sure it will only let you vote once.

    Christine, I hope so. It should be interesting to see which veggie / herb is the winner.

  6. This is such a fun idea - thanks for getting us all involved :) I can't wait to see what the outcome will be...

  7. Thanks for setting this up. I had fun voting!

  8. Congratulations!!Weekend herb Blog Second anniversary
    Voting is very easier task than to write favorite WHB's second anniversary.

    I wish you also to have traditional American gift " cotton" for second anniversary weekend herb blogging.
    Thank you.

    Ramya @ cascading flavors

  9. The poll worked for me too (although I did have a little difficulty with the second one)


  10. Happy Anniversary my friend.....poll worked for me too but it was a hard choice in the veggie dept.

  11. Jeanne, it's interesting to watch what's happening in the voting. I was actually quite shocked at how it turned out last year.

    Maria, thanks! Come and pick some herbs before they freeze!

    Ramya, thanks. I haven't heard from you for a long time, nice to know you are still around!

    Elizabeth, it's a bit touchy, but seems to be working. Thanks for voting.

    Doodles, I do agree, and I did vote, but the ones I voted for are getting sorely defeated!

  12. This is great, Kalyn! I'm looking forward to seeing how everything turns out...exciting!

  13. wow, this is great, and congrats on the 2-yr anniversary Kalyn!!

  14. WOW!! So cool! I must say, you are one lucky sister to have Rand. :):) Your blog just gets better and better.

  15. Genie and Mansi Desai, thanks. I think it's fun to watch how it's going.

    Sher, am I ever lucky. I'm so thankful everyday that he's my brother, and not just because he helps me on the blog but also because he's such a good friend and a wonderful person.

  16. Congratulations, Kalyn, on 2 years of WHB! I had fun voting here.

  17. maybe i'm just being pedantic, but i thought tomato was a fruit ;P

  18. Labelga, glad you had fun.

    Anna, here is what Wikipedia says about that:
    "Though it is botanically a fruit, the tomato is nutritionally categorized as a vegetable. Since "vegetable" is not a botanical term, there is no contradiction in a plant part being a fruit botanically while still being considered a vegetable."
    I did think about that before I included it but I saw quite a few sources that said it's considered a vegetable.

  19. I love this poll, it's so neat! :)

  20. Whoops, missed the poll, and I have been delinquent from my herb blogging commitments for weeks now, but I will make every effort to raise up my voice, spin my trackball, and hold high my artichoke for our anniversary.
    Godspeed all herb bloggers.

  21. despite thinking tomato was a fruit, i did vote for it as my favourite anyway :)

  22. kalyn, this is to congratulate you and your co-hosts for a wonderful event. we will participate in the future. we promise.

  23. Sunday, October 24, 4:00 P.M. - People are welcome to continue to vote for fun if they want, but the winners are TOMATO with 23 votes and BASIL with 33 votes. There were 124 votes for favorite vegetable and 118 for favorite herb. There were 13 people who correctly guessed the winners! Check back tomorrow to see who won the cookbooks.)


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