Friday, November 30, 2007

A Menu For Hope - Call For Prizes

What is A Menu for Hope?
Unless you're very new to the world of food blogs, you've likely heard of A Menu for Hope, the brilliant idea of Pim to unite food bloggers the world over in raising money for a good cause. Last year, due to a lot of generosity on the part of food bloggers and food blog readers, we raised $62,925.12 to support the UN World Food Program. This year our goal is to raise even more, and funds from the 2007 campaign will be earmarked for a school food program in Lesotho, a tiny country entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, where one out of twelve kids die before the age of five and 56% of the population live on less than $2 per day.

How does it work?
Food bloggers from all over the world join the campaign by offering food-related prizes for the Menu for Hope raffle. Anyone can buy raffle tickets online (through a site called Firstgiving) to bid on these prizes. For every $10 donated, you earn one virtual raffle ticket to bid on a prize of your choice. This year bidding on prizes will take place December 10-21. At the end of the two-weeks, the raffle tickets are drawn and the results announced on Chez Pim.

How Can You Help if You're a Blogger?

Bloggers can help by donating a prize for the raffle, by being A Menu for Hope supporter and advertising the campaign on your blog, or by joining in the bidding for prizes December 10-21. Here is more information for bloggers from Chez Pim. If you're interested in offering a prize, you should contact the regional host for the area where you live:

UK: Johanna of The Passionate Cook and Jeanne of Cooksister
Europe: Fanny of Food Beam
US - West Coast: Bee of Rasa Malaysia
US - Central: Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen
US - East Coast: Adam Kuban of Slice NY and Serious Eats
Canada: Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess
Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand: Helen of Grab Your Fork
Special Wine Blog Host: Alder of Vinography

I'm honored to be participating as a host again this year. If you're a food blogger in the Central U.S. and want to offer a prize, write to me at kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. If you'd like some ideas about prizes, here are the prizes Mid-U.S. bloggers offered last year.

How You Can Help if You're a Food Blog Reader:
Start watching for prizes to be announced on food blogs close to December 10, then visit Chez Pim or the regional hosts for more information about prizes that are available. Buy as many raffle tickets as you can for the prizes of your choice, and you'll help send food to some hungry kids in South Africa. (Then don't forget to check back at Chez Pim after December 21 and see if you're a winner!)

Thanks in advance to everyone for helping make this a huge success again this year!
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  1. Kalyn, I will happily promote this and buy lots of chances. It was so much fun last year. I'll try not to get the number reversed this time (I might have won that chocolate tour of Paris from David L.)

  2. You're an angel, Kalyn. Hugs to you!

  3. I'm in! Will definitely promote this campaign again. Such a wonderful thing, and I couldn't believe how much money we raised last year.

  4. I am glad this is happening again!!


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