Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu for Hope 2007 Starts Today!

Once again, food bloggers from all over the world are joining in A Menu for Hope to raise money for the UN World Food Program, with donations earmarked for a school food program in Lesotho. You can see the need for help in that part of the world by looking at these photos from Lesotho on Chez Pim. Along with Pim, and the other regional hosts, I'm certain we can beat last year's total of $62,925.12, and you can help!

I am honored to be one of the regional hosts, representing the Central U.S. region. This part of the country doesn't have as many food bloggers as the east or west coast or Europe, but we do have some tremendous prizes. Check out the prizes here and the full list on Chez Pim, then keep reading after the prizes for instructions about how to buy raffle tickets! Please buy as many tickets as you can; you'll be helping hungry kids, and you might also win something very cool.

(If you're a regular reader of Kalyn's Kitchen who comes here for the food, rest assured that recipes will resume in a few days. In the meantime, I hope you'll go around to other food blogs and check out some of the amazing prizes. Then follow the instructions at the end of this post to participate in the fundraiser.)

Now, keep reading to see the fabulous list of prizes from the Central U.S. food bloggers.

Here are prizes from the Central U.S. Region:
(This information will be updated regularly as more information is received from bloggers sponsoring a prize.)

Prize Code UC01
Prize sponsored by use real butter

Choose one of four original landscape photographs, printed at 12x18 inches, matted to 18x24 inches on all archival material. Ships anywhere and makes a terrific gift to yourself or anyone else. (Sample photo here is optimized for the web. Read more about this prize and see the photos at use real butter.

Prize Code UC02
Prize sponsored by Gastronomic Fight Club

A steak for every taste -- the Morgan Ranch Wagyu Sirloin Sizzler Pack showcases everything there is to love about the unmistakably intense flavor, tenderness and fine texture of the wagyu sirloin steak. Features 2 8-ounce Bavettes, 2 8-ounce Tri Tip, 2 10~11-ounce top Round/Center Cut, 2 8-ounce Sirloin Filet and 1 lb. of Kabob/Cubed Beef. A $150 value that includes free 2nd day shipping within the continental US. (Donated by Morgan Ranch. Read more about this prize at Gastronomic Fight Club.)

Prize Code UC03
Prize sponsored by Gastronomic Fight Club

The most flavorful of all the roasting cuts, the Morgan Ranch Wagyu Carving Roast offers unmatched tenderness and texture. Its generous 7- to 9-pound size makes it the right size to share with friends and family for any occasion. A $100 value that includes free 2nd day shipping within the continental US. (Donated by Morgan Ranch. Read more about this prize at Gastronomic Fight Club.)

Prize Code UC04
Prize sponsored by Bon Appegeek

Be prepared for spring with this 1 1/2 quart white Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker and David Lebovitz's new book of delectable ice cream recipes, The Perfect Scoop. Included is an accessory package with a soft handled Calphalon ice cream scoop, a bottle of luscious Kahlua chocolate sauce, and a small jar of precious hand-raked Fleur de Sel to accentuate your most decadent ice cream flavors. Special bonus: If you're in Paris in 2008, David Lebovitz himself will take you and a guest out to famed Parisian ice cream maker Berthillon for ice cream! (This prize can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Read more about this prize at Bon Appegeek.)

Prize Code UC05
Prize Sponsored by Columbus Foodie

$100 gift certificate to Penzey's Spices, which can be used in one of their many retail locations, online, or over the phone after looking at their catalog. They ship both to the US and internationally, so this one is open to anyone worldwide. They have over 250 spices, herbs and seasonings, awesome quality and selection, so there's something here for everyone. (Becke will be out of town on January 9 when winners are announced, so the lucky person should contact Kalyn. Read more about this prize at Columbus Foodie.)

Prize Code UC06
Prize sponsored by Tigers and Strawberries

The "Gift of Indian Spices" consists of three of my favorite cookbooks for beginners: Indian Vegetarian Cooking: A Regional Guide, The Indian Spice Kitchen, and From Curries to Kebabs, as well as Madhur Jaffrey's memoir, Climbing the Mango Trees. It also includes an Indian spice tin filled with fresh spices chosen by Barbara, a set of six Indian teas in lovely box from Stash Teas, and three pounds of assorted dals, so as soon as the prize arrives, you can cook an delicious Indian meal. (This prize is donated by Barbara Fisher and Hilarie Burhans of Salaam. Shipping in the continental U.S. only. Read more about this prize at Tigers and Strawberries.)

Prize Code UC07
Prize sponsored by Cincinnati Locavore

Master Chef 2 provides serious and professional cooks with all the virtues that make All-Clad's worldwide reputation unsurpassed. The saute pot features both a long handle and a helper loop, stainless interior/brushed stain less exterior, and and can be used stovetop or oven. Brand new in original box, removed only to take photo; retails for $245. Sorry, shipping inside the U.S. only. (Read more about this prize at Cincinnati Locavore.)

Prize Code UC08
Prize sponsored by Ahaar

Limited edition facsimile of this historic cookbook authored by an African-American is now available. This is a full color reproduction of the only known copy of Domestic Cook Book by Malinda Russell, edited by Jan Longone. (This prize can be shipped anywhere in the world. Read more about this prize at Ahaar.)

Prize Code UC09
Prize sponsored by Ahaar

Founder of Zingermans (regularly voted as one of the best food organizations in the US if not in the world) writes this delightful book. The journey from the green can cheese to the real Parmigiano-Reggiano deal has led Ari all over Italy and deep into libraries. This book combines history, journalism, and recipes to paint a fascinating portrait on real parmesan that's great for novices and experts alike. (This prize can be shipped anywhere in the world. Read more about this prize at Ahaar.)

Prize Code UC10
Prize Sponsored by Rolling in Dough

This prize is a copy of Dorie Greenspan's Baking from My Home to Yours, and a box of freshly ground baking spices from the Savory Spice Shop, including Whole Grenada Nutmeg, Chinese Ground Ginger, Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla, Cocoa Powder, Almond Extract and Baking Spice - mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and mace. Value of $75. (Shipping in the continental U.S. only for this item. Read more about this prize at Rolling in Dough.)

Prize Code UC11
Prize sponsored by Farmgirl Fare

Thinking of moving to the country? Wondering if you're crazy enough to trade your civilized existence for a life spent wearing overalls, carrying a pitchfork, and hanging out down at the feed store? On the day of your choice, I'll call you and we'll chat for half an hour about whatever you like: country living, organic gardening, raising sheep, putting up hay, starting a baker, starting a blog, what to look for when buying a pair of rubber boots, how to vacuum seal an entire deer. . . (This prize is limited to the U.S. but if you're in another another country I'd be happy to chat with you online via gmail. Read more about this prize at Farmgirl Fare.)

Prize Code UC12
Prize Sponsored by Indian Food Rocks

Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts is the perfect cookbook to curl up with and experience vegetarian Kerala cooking from India at its best. Ammini writes with a lot of passion and attention to detail. Most recipes are accompanied by a snippet of history or a personal anecdote. An autographed copy of this cookbook has been generously donated by the author, Ammini Ramachandara. The prize will be shipped only within the continental USA. (Read more about this prize at Indian Food Rocks.)

Prize Code UC13
Prize Sponsored by Indian Food Rocks

This beautiful Handmade bead necklace and matching earrings was made at a local bead shop by Manisha. This one of a kind necklace and matching earrings will stand out at any black dress party. This prize will be shipped only within the continental USA. (Read more about this prize at Indian Food Rocks.)

Prize Code UC14
Prize Sponsored by Seriously Good

This pancetta is hand-crafted from locally-raised, pasture-fed Berkshire hog belly. Cured for a week using Weeks' adaptation of the Ruhlman/Polcyn recipe in Charcuterie, it was then dried for two weeks longer in a wine fridge to control temperature and humidity as it finished. (This is only available to US bidders as it cannot be shipped overseas. Read more about this prize at Seriously Good.)

Prize Code UC15
Prize sponsored by The Staff of Gapers Block Drive-Thru

The Staff of Gapers Block Drive-Thru is donating luxury chocolate and coffee from Chicago: a pound of Costa Rica Tres Rios whole bean coffee from Metropolis Coffee Roasters, and Vosges Chocolates exotic truffle collection. (Sorry, this prize can only be shipped in the continental U.S. Read more about this prize at Gapers Block Drive-Thru.)

Prize Code UC16
Prize Sponsored by Kalyn's Kitchen

Last year Kalyn's Kitchen donated a Photo-Studio-in-a-Box for a Menu for Hope, and it was a popular prize. Of course everyone knows that natural light is best for food photos, but when you just don't have enough natural light, this little light box is great. Here's an example of some of the photos I've taken with it if you're skeptical. For recipe ideas for those food photos, I'm also including a copy of Fine Cooking Annual, my favorite cookbook of the year. (Photo-Studio-in-a-Box and cookbook can be shipped anywhere.)

Prize Code UC17
Prize Sponsored by Chefsline

Imagine having advice, help, and suggestions from 25 professional chefs no further away than a phone call or instant message at almost any time. This is what Chefsline offers and you get 6 months of such service when you bid on this gift certificate. (This service available in the continental U.S. only. Read more about this prize at Chefsline.)

Prize Code UC18
Prize Sponsored by Gastronomical Three

A special assortment from some of the most delicious spots in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The prize basket includes: a copy of Eve: Contemporary Cuisine, Methode Traditionnelle by Eve Arnoff, Chef/Owner of Eve, the Restaurant (described by famed chef Mario Batali as "exquisite") along with a spice kit put together by Eve herself; Delicious smoked salmon from the world famous Durham's Tracklements (praised by New York Times food writer Marian Burros as one of the best smokedfish purveyors in the country; and a gift card from Everyday Wines/Everyday Cook that you can use to pick up a couple of bottles of wine to go with the meal you'll be making, take a knife skills class or to fund a pretty serving dish. Because of the gift card, this prize might be best for those who live in or visit Ann Arbor frequently, but if an out of towner would like the prize, one of the Gastronomical 3 could serve as your purchasing agent at Everyday Cook. (Read more about this prize at Gastronomical Three.)

Prize Code UC19
Prize Sponsored by Vintage Cooking

A dozen vintage cookbooks, dating from the '20s to the '80s, with recipes ranging from excellent to bizarre (Frozen Cheddar Cheese Dessert, anyone?) They give an interesting look at the history of food preparation, food fads, and even the place of women in the home. (Read more about this prize at Vintage Cooking.)

Prize Code UC20
Prize Sponsored by Bittersweet Blog

Enjoy an autographed copy of the new full-color cookbook, My Sweet Vegan ( by Hannah Kaminsky. Hannah is just eighteen years of age, yet she is the sole author and photographer for this gorgeous cookbook. Each and every recipe has been taste-tested and approved by both vegans and non-vegans, and is accompanied by a beautiful photo of the actual finished dessert. (Read more about this prize at Bittersweet Blog.)

Prize Code UC21
Prize Sponsored by Bake or Break

Enjoy a fantastic homemade cheesecake made for you by Jennifer of Bake or Break. U.S. residents only, please. (Read more about this prize at Bake or Break.)

Prize Code UC22
Prize Sponsored by Dine and Dish

Anyone who loves bread would love to have the Breadman TR875 2-Pound Breadmaker, in Stainless Steel. The Breadman has cycles that include Dough, Super Rapid, Gluten Free, and many more! An over $100 value. Shipping only available to US addresses. (Read more about this prize at Dine and Dish.)

Prize Code UC23
Prize Sponsored by Restaurant Widow

Once again, I am thrilled to offer another package of Jeni's Ice Creams! This year, Dean & Deluca named them the best ice cream in the US, and the New York Times says Jeni "has surpassed the creativity of all other ice cream makes with its versions like Goat Cheese and Cognac Fig Sauce." In addition to the ice cream, I will throw in 2 of my favorite ice cream bowls and maybe a few other trinkets. (U.S. shipping only for this item. Read more about this prize at Restaurant Widow.)

Prize Code UC24, UC31, UC32, UC33, UC34
(5 autographed copies will be given away.)
Prize Sponsored by Moveable Feast

Win a Personalized Copy of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach". Tony will sign each copy of his behind-the-scenes, on-the-road, travel journal to the winner or recipient of choice. The photo-filled book - featuring international food porn, medical anomalies, and the worst bathroom in the world - will be shipped directly from the show's headquarters, Zero Point Zero Production. (Read more about this prize at Moveable Feast.)

Prize Code UC25
Prize Sponsored by Moveable Feast

PolyScience Thermal Circulator (Model 7306C). Priced at $925, PolyScience is the gold standard in new culinary technology and their thermal circulator, one of the most coveted pieces of professional equipment worldwide. Used by Grant Achatz at Alinea, Thomas Keller at The French Laundry, and on Iron Chef America to control the heating of liquid within 0.09F/0.05C, up to 300F/150C, for revolutionary sous-vide cooking. (Read more about this prize at Moveable Feast.)

Prize Code UC26
Prize Sponsored by Moveable Feast

Moto "Chef for a Day" with Elvex Legionnaire Goggles. Moto Executive Chef Homaro Cantu (pictured) and Pastry Chef Ben Roche will lead you beyond the known limits of taste, texture, and technique. I will include a pair of Elvex Legionnaire goggles, for your ocular protection while working with liquid nitrogen and the class IV laser. (Read more about this prize at Moveable Feast.)

Prize Code UC27
Moveable Feast

Roquette 1797 Absinthe An extremely limited edition authentic absinthe based on a recipe discovered in a manuscript dated 1797, when the drink still hovered between liquor and potion. This unusual, spicy and complex absinthe was distilled in very small batches by absintheurs Peter Schaf and David Nathan-Maister in antique alembics in Pontarlier, France. Unfortunately absinthe cannot be shipped to Canada or a number of countries. (Read more about this prize at Moveable Feast.)

Prize Code UC29
Prize Sponsored by Moveable Feast

Hot Doug's"Today's Celebrity Sausage" Designation and $25 Gift Certificate. Immortalize yourself or your loved one in a gourmet hot dog creation. Your name of choice will go up on the board and website of Chicago's beloved Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium. Get a side of duck fat fries on Fridays or Saturdays. (Read more about this prize at Moveable Feast.)

Prize Code UC29
Prize Sponsored by The Blissful Glutton

Batdorf & Bronson espresso package which includes 4 lbs. of Batdorf & Bronson's certified organic and fair trade espresso beans, a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, Capresso Cool Grind Coffee Grinder and a Dancing Goats logo tee. Prize courtesy of Batdorf & Bronson's Dancing Goat Cafe ( in Atlanta, GA. (U.S. shipping only for this prize, due to the coffee beans. Read more about this prize at The Blissful Glutton.)

Prize Code UC30
Prize Sponsored by Chez Pim

A unique package from Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas of Alinea, including two early proofs - framing quality prints - of the Alinea book's recipe pages, one copy of signed, limited edition book (on release in Fall '08), and early access to the Alinea Mosaic site in May '08. Prize includes two early proofs of recipe pages from the book signed by chef Grant Achatz, designer Martin Kastner, and photographer Lara Kastner, which will likely NOT be used in the final book and so will be one-off prints from the early design work. (This prize can be shipped anywhere in the world. Read more about this prize at Chez Pim.)

Prize Code UW15
Prize Sponsored by
(Contact Kalyn if you win for how to claim the prize.)

This prize is technically in the US Western region, but since I'm the contact person, I'm also talking about it here. Once again the wonderful Blogher founders have generously donated the prize of a free conference admission for Blogher's 2008 Summer conference. At Blogher 2007, there were lots of foodbloggers in attendance, and it just gets better every year. BlogHer '08 will be July 18-20, with all events taking place at the Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco. (Conference admission prize is a $350 value this year, and does not include travel or hotel costs. Read more about this prize at Blogher.)

Here's How to Participate in A Menu for Hope
1. Choose a prize or prizes of your choice from our Menu for Hope at Chez Pim. (Check the morning of December 10 to see all the prizes.)

2. Go to the donation site at First Giving and make a donation.

3. Please specify which prize you'd like in the 'Personal Message' section in the donation form. You must write in how many tickets per prize, and use the prize code. (Each $10 you donate will buy one raffle ticket toward any prize.For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for EU01 and 3 tickets for EU02. Please write 2xEU01, 3xEU02.)

4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we could claim the corporate match.

5. Please check the box to allow us to see your email address so that we could contact you in case you win.Your email address will not be shared with anyone. Check back on Chez Pim on Wednesday Jaunary 9 for the results of the raffle.
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  1. Thanks Kalyn for the great roundup of the prizes. The collection looks so interesting :)
    -- Mandira

  2. Thanks, Kalyn! For taking on this phenomenal effort! I hope we break last year's record, too!

  3. Kalyn--thanks for working your managerial web wonders. I've already started my MfH wishlist.

  4. Great prizes, and a great event!

  5. Great job Kalyn. The prizes get better and better each year. It's amazing.

  6. Well done you for doing this! It's hard work but pretty rewarding, I'm finding. Maybe we should have a regional hosts on-line end of Menu party on 24 December ;-)

  7. Jeanne, an online party for the hosts sounds fun! We might need to do a little partying when this is over! I'm having fun watching the total go up.


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