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Crunchy Cruciferous Chopped Salad Recipe

Cruciferous Chopped SaladMost people who are at least a bit interested in healthful eating have heard about cruciferous vegetables, sometimes called Super Veggies. This is the category that includes veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, brussels sprouts, and cabbage, as well as less common ones like as collards, arugula, chard, mustard greens, rapini, and many more, including many types of greens. Cruciferous vegetables are high in vitamin C and soluble fiber, and they contain nutrients with proven cancer-fighting properties. We all should be eating cruciferous vegetables every day!

I'm not sure what originally inspired me to try a chopped salad minus lettuce and full of raw cruciferous vegetables, but it's turned into a staple in my kitchen. It's perfect for those times you're grilling or pan-frying fish or meat and need something quick to go with it. I like most of these vegetables cooked as well, but they taste great raw, and if you keep the cut-up veggies in the fridge, nothing could be easier. My favorite dressing to go on this is simply good old American ranch dressing made with buttermilk from a package mix, but I'm guessing any number of creamy dressings that weren't too vinegary would taste good here. (By the way, I took that photo a few weeks ago before I started phase one, so if you're doing phase one leave out the carrots, which aren't really a cruciferous vegetable anyway!)

Weekend Herb Blogging celebrates vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers, so this is for WHB #114, hosted at Kalyn's Kitchen this week.

Crunchy Cruciferous Chopped Salad
(Recipe idea by Kalyn, adjust ingredients to your own taste and what you have on hand)

Cruciferous vegetables I try to always include, cut into bite-sized pieces or chopped:
red cabbage

Optional vegetables you can use if you like:
red bell peppers

Things I sometimes add:
grated cheese
sunflower seeds
hard-boiled egg

Salad Dressings to try:
Ranch Dressing (my favorite is made with buttermilk and mayo and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix)
blue cheese
Green Goddess dressing
creamy caesar

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South Beach Suggestions:
Of course any kind of raw vegetable is wonderful for every phase of the South Beach Diet. For salad dressing, be sure to choose dressings with less than 2 grams of sugar per serving for South Beach.

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  1. This salad looks great. I am a huge fan of non-lettuce salads. And for me, they have to have enough ingredients to keep me interested -- I am going to have to put this in my menu plan for next week.

    (happy new year!)

  2. Visualization is a wonderful thing Kalyn. You make me aware I can and should add broccoli and cauliflower to my slaw!

  3. this salad looks delicious. another things i´ll have to try out!

  4. This sounds delicious, especially after a holiday full of rich food. We have broccoli and cauliflower in the garden, and I think I have feta-yogurt dressing in the fridge...this might just be dinner! thanks, Kalyn! And happy New Year!

  5. This looks delicious. And, considering I was not able to button my jeans this evening, I think it's time I ate more salads and fewer "Christmas foods." :0)

  6. Wow, what a great looking salad. I just discovered this site and it has reknewed my love of the South Beach diet. I was looking for new ideas and recipes. Thanks so much!

  7. They look so pretty delicious and nutritious! Thanks for the idea, I'll give it a try.

  8. that sure looks super crunchy!

  9. Thank you for a very informative post, Kalyn. We eat cruciferous vegetables all the time but usually I just cook them. Raw cauliflower and broccoli is something I need to try soon!

  10. Thanks for the good feedback on this very simple idea everyone. When I thought about how healthy a salad like this would be and how much I liked all these veggies raw, I smacked myself on the forehead and went "Duh!" And it will definitely help with that "jeans won't button" problem that's so common after the holidays.

  11. I do find that the cruciferous vegetables make me feel a bit gassy if I don't cook them first. Sometimes just a quick blanch will do the trick, but my favorite is to roast them and then add to salads. Except for cauliflower, which is banned from my kitchen!

  12. Oooh! I do this all the time. I, um, hate most kinds of lettuce *runs and hides*-- and don't much like dressing, either, so I've been doing this since I was a little, little girl. Drives restaurants crazy... "Can I have a small salad... without lettuce, please?"

  13. this looks so great -- healthy and perfect for those of us who are trying to make up for overindulging over christmas... :-)

  14. That's te kind of salad I love to make on weekends cookouts. Yours is a great change and I will certainly include it to the mix tomorrow!

  15. It looks so delicious! My family will go crazy over the veggie assortment.

  16. salad look great perfect with your olderpost baked chicken

  17. This picture makes my mouth water! Happy New Year to you...

  18. Those fresh colors- beautiful! Love it, Kalyn!

  19. I'm for every vegetables for salad. I think every salad will taste great when it's accompanied by well-made dressing. We eat broccoli and cauliflower in winter, so we call it winter salad.

  20. That could fill my winter salad cravings nicely. With a creamy yogurt dressing, I think (since I have to make my own)...

  21. Do we need recipes like these after all the heavy foods over the holidays!!! Sounds so refreshing!!

  22. It makes me happy that so many people like the sound of this. Apparently I'm not the only one who really likes the cruciferous vegetables. Love the idea of calling it "winter salad" and I think creamy yogurt dressing would taste great on this. I also agree with Sagari that this would taste great with the baked chicken strips.

  23. Thanks for this recipe. One of my favorite dressings is one given to me by my mother and is simply a mixture, to taste, of mayonnaise (preferably homemade), cider vinegar and sugar. I prefer about a tablespoon of each ingredient with a heavier hand on the sugar, depending on salad ingredients. I'm going to use your mix and your dressing and see how it tastes. Thanks!

  24. jcorn, that sounds like it would taste good on this, but for anyone who's a South Beach Dieter, be sure to use Splenda instead of sugar, or Agave Nectar for phase 2 or 3.

  25. This was such a hit with my family. I did add sunflower seeds which are a staple here. Also, this was a great opportunity to get my kids to try a new veggie, the RADISH, and they loved it - well two out of three isn't bad anyway. My 8 year old, who helped me make dinner last night and thus this salad, has renamed it the "Rainbow Salad", making it all the more appealing to little girls. Cool, and thanks.

  26. AnnieEmm, I love the idea of adding sunflower seeds! Also agree that Rainbow Salad is a great name! Glad to hear the kids liked it.

  27. absolutely delicious. I am planning on a diet lunch for a few months, this seems like a perfect recipe.
    Thanks for sharing

  28. My hubby goes back for seconds. That says it all.

  29. Nashbabe, what a fun comment. Thanks for letting us know it was a hit!


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