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Recipe for Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Roasted with Tamari and Sea Salt

Roasted ChickpeasI can feel my chickpea obsession waning a bit, but before it completely ends I wanted to share another version of roasted chickpeas I tried, just as good as the Crispy Roasted Chickpeas with Moroccan Spices I made about a month ago. Chickpeas with soy sauce isn't something I've ever thought of combining before, but they really did taste great together. I used Tamari, a smooth tasting natural soy sauce which comes in several types. It can be wheat free, although most Tamari sold in the U.S. contains wheat. If you're lucky enough to have the wheat-free kind, use a bit less because it's more concentrated.

You may be thinking that sea salt combined with soy sauce is overkill on the sodium, but I couldn't resist adding just bit of the Asian Sea Salt made by McCormick, which is an inexpensive blend that combines sea salt, ginger, garlic, and sesame seeds. (Full disclosure - McCormick sent me this as a sample a while ago, although I now see it in my grocery store, where it sells for about $3.50.) You can certainly use regular sea salt too, or leave out the salt altogether and just use the soy sauce. Since I posted the first recipe for roasted chickpeas, I've discovered lots of other bloggers knew about roasted chickpeas before I did, so be sure to check after the recipe for those links.

Chickpeas Roasted with Tamari and Sea Salt
(Adapted by Kalyn from a recipe found in The South Beach Diet Cookbook.)

1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans) or soak and cook dried beans, which would be even better
1 T olive oil
2-3 tsp. Tamari or soy sauce (use less for pure Tamari, more for Shoyu type Tamari or regular soy sauce)
1 tsp. Asian Sea Salt or sea salt

Rinse canned garbanzo beans well with cold water until no more foam appears, then let drain in colander at least 10 minutes and blot of any remaining water with paper towels. Toss beans with olive oil and Tamari or soy sauce and let marinate at room temperature 15-30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 F. Arrange chickpeas in a single layer on a non-stick baking sheet, and bake 60 minutes or slightly longer, until chickpeas are dried and crisp and starting to brown. They should be turned a few times while they're cooking. The Chickpeas can be served warm or cooled. These are delicious combined with nuts for a snack mix.

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South Beach Suggestions:
This is a great snack idea for any phase of the South Beach Diet.

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  1. yum! i have about six different types of sea salt in my kitchen, so this is perfect!

  2. I made a nice salad with roasted chickpeas once that could be south beach if non-fat cheese is used.


    What a wonderful snack roasted chieckpeas are!

  3. I am glad you are on a chickpea kick. This recipe looks good too!

  4. It's chickpea heaven! I just love them - so thank you, thank you!

  5. I'm loving this chickpea obsession! What a perfect pre-dinner snack!

  6. More tasty looking crispy baked chickpeas! They look like they would make a great snack.

  7. Kalyn - Soy sauce and chick peas sound delicious. I definitely must try this one.

  8. I'm a big fan of chickpeas too...thanks for sharing this recipe and I'll be sure to stash it with the rest of my chickpea recipes! :)

  9. LOVE roasted chickpeas! Also, love that this is an easy take-to-work snack! Kalyn, could you maybe feature some of your favorite brown-bag recipes--ones that could be made few days ahead even? I miss the convenience of sandwiches (OK, not so good made few days ahead) on the low-glycemic lifestyle.

  10. I'm curious to know how they taste. I've never tried them cooked this way.

  11. Yikes, sometimes I'm so bad at getting back here to answer comments (I read them on e-mail when they first come in.) I'm glad everyone is enjoying the chickpea obsession along with me!

    TBTAM, it can even be low-fat cheese for South Beach; thanks for sharing.

    Timothy, great idea for a post. I'll have to give it some thought since I mostly eat foods for lunch that can be microwaved, but I have some ideas.

    Virginie, they taste slightly nutty when they're roasted like this, delicous!

  12. delicious! those look fantastic. my grandmother came here from Japan, so i've grown up eating traditional Japanese snacks. Tamari is one my very favorite flavors and I was really excited to see it mentioned :)


  13. Looks gorgeous from the color on, I might sprinkle a little bit of chili powder but this is one perfect snack withouth the guilt :)

  14. I find that my love of chickpeas keeps growing and growing. I just can't get enough of the little devils! I love the roasted chickpeas, and adding tamari sounds like a fabulous idea. Keep the chickpea recipes coming!

  15. What is it about chickpeas that make them so addictive? I love them in salads, soups, grain dishes, and most especially the way you've presented them here. It's fantastic!

  16. Kalyn,
    I'm bookmarking it to try! I love chick peas too... and never tried to roast them yet!
    Have a wonderful day, Margot

  17. Oh my, these do sound good! I think chickpeas are probably my favorite legume. The tamari is a nice touch!

  18. These look like a wonderful and healthy snack- I can't wait to make these!

  19. They look very tempting! I love chickpeas and especially such delicious and healthy treats!



  20. If you are interested in my recipe, here it is:

  21. I just made some chili spiced chickpeas to snack on but I digg your recipe better!!

  22. Hi Kalyn,
    I love roasted garbanzos, and tried the Moroccan Spice recipe. They are delicious! I'm wondering though what the guidelines are for those of us following the South Beach diet. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

  23. Anonymous, the original recipe came from the South Beach Diet cookbook. I added the spices and 1 T olive oil for an entire can of garbanzos, and a lot of the oil was left in the bowl. Since spices aren't restricted and olive oil is considered a good fat, there's no reason these wouldn't be South Beach diet friendly. The recipe in the book says one can of chickpeas makes four servings, and this is listed as a snack for phase one.

  24. Anonymous, forgot to say that these definitely have more sodium than the Moroccan Spice version, so if you're on a restricted sodium diet, take that into consideration.

  25. These look totally addictive! What a great snack to eat by the handful!

  26. These were fantastic. I made them for a party yesterday and they are all gone...

  27. I'm excited about finding this version of roasted chickpeas! I've been lacking in the healthy snack ideas dept, so I'll have to give these a try!

  28. I really liked this recipe, but mine were charred after 40 minutes at 350 degrees. I think I'll try roasting them at a lower temperature.

  29. Christine, do try it again with a shorter time or slightly lower temprature. Your oven temp might be a bit higher than it says, every oven is a little different.

  30. Loved this recipe and made it several times for friends and myself. Another variation is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice on them when they come out of the oven-- mmmm, heaven!!

  31. Maddy, love the idea of squeezing on some lemon juice! Fantastic.

  32. I've tried a few different roasted chickpea recipes but this is my new fave! A quick tip... we use one of those popcorn poppers that stirs the popcorn as it pops... it roasts the chickpeas in less time than the oven, about 40 minutes!

  33. I absolutely love that idea of using a popcorn popper to roast the chickpeas, just brilliant!

  34. I found the McCormick Asian Sea Salt but noticed there was sugar in the ingredients. I am on Phase 1 of SB and am not sure if I can use it, or even it would be O.K. for phase 2. I love your site and all you do!

  35. Stacey, I doubt that it's enough sugar to matter that much, but you might want to use regular sea salt. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

  36. I have tried this recipe three times and never got it right. The first time I burned the chickpeas, the second time I under-cooked them. This time they were great when they first came out of the oven, but the next day at work they had lost their crunch. I stored them in a ziplock bag. Any ideas for helping me fix my chickpea challenge would be appreciated.

  37. Fran, you don't tell me what temperature you're using for the different times you tried, so I'm not sure what to recommend. Mine were never quite as crisp the next day, but still on the crunchy side. Every oven cooks a bit differently, so I'd probably experiment with the temperature, maybe cooking slightly longer at 325F, because if they aren't staying crispy I'm thinking the Tamara isn't all getting cooked off. (The original recipe from the South Beach Diet book has no oil or seasonings and cooked 50 minutes at 350F, so you might try cutting down the oil and Tamara a little bit as another option.) Good luck.

  38. Does anyone know what one T of olive oil is? A tablespoon?


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