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Saturday Morning Egg Muffin Melts (Kalyn Gets Creative With Leftovers)

Egg Muffin MeltsWould I ever have guessed that one of the most popular recipes on the blog would be something as simple as Egg Muffins? I guess it's the total simplicity combined with versatility that makes this recipe such a hit with anyone looking for a grab-and-go breakfast option. I make a week's worth of egg muffins for myself many weekends, and even stash them in the fridge in little plastic baggies, ready to microwave and eat when it's a busy morning and I'm dashing off to school.

When I've been eating Egg Muffins all week, I'll have two left on Saturday morning, when I actually have time to sit down and eat breakfast. Often I'll often jazz them up with sour cream, salsa, and some cheese melted over. Recently when I was making this on a weekend morning the thought hit me that maybe all the other egg muffin fans out there on the interwebs might enjoy this leftover Egg Muffin creation too. Truly tasty for a quick weekend breakfast, and this is about as easy as it gets, as long as you have some leftover egg muffins to start out with.

Saturday Morning Egg Muffin Melts
(This is how I usually do it, but get creative with your leftover egg muffins and see what you come up with.)

leftover Egg Muffins, two per person
low-fat sour cream
salsa (I like Pace Picante sauce, but choose any salsa you like - for South Beach pick one with less than 2 grams sugar per serving)
grated cheddar or Jack cheese (I use a low-fat four cheese Mexican Blend)

Cut leftover Egg Muffins in half crosswise and arrange on plate. Spread a thin layer of low-fat sour cream over the top of each piece. Spoon over salsa, and sprinkle with grated cheese. Microwave until eggs are heated through and cheese is melted, probably about 2-3 minutes for most microwaves.

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South Beach Diet and Low-Glycemic Suggestions:

Use low-fat cheese and sour cream and pick salsa that doesn't have a lot of added sugar if you're making this as a breakfast for the South Beach Diet.

Plenty of Egg Muffin Variations to Try:

(Recipes from other blogs may not always be South Beach Diet friendly, check ingredients. My basic Egg Muffins are phase one but the Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffin variations have a bit of flour, so they would be phase two for South Beach.)
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Green Chile and Cheese Egg Muffins
Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins with Bacon and Green Onions
Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins with Ham and Cheddar
Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins with Mushrooms and Feta
Low Carb Muffins - an Eggx-cellent Idea from Pinch My Salt
Cottage Cheese Muffins from Nami-Nami
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Smoked Salmon and Parmesan Omelet Muffins from Kath Eats Real Food
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Mini Spinach Frittatas from Sugarlaws
Spinach and Cheese Muffins from Chick in the Kitchen

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  1. Looks like a great way to kick off the weekend!

  2. ...and a good way to use that quarter-of-a-jar left of salsa:).

    Hello Kalyn!

  3. YUM! I can enjoy that for a lazy brunch!

  4. Doesn't look like leftovers at all. These look first class. I love 'em any way I've fixed them!

  5. 'Grab-and-go-muffins' are the best, Kayln. I've been making them forever and love that you do also ... a favorite with chopped spinach, green onions or chives, and feta cheese (both inside and sprinkled on top). My husband loves them 'squished' between a toasted whole wheat English muffin. Does it get any better?

  6. The phrase gilding the lily comes to mind but it's more like drenching- in pure picante goodness! Food porn indeed. ;)

  7. Looks fantastic Kalyn! I could probably eat egg muffins every day.

  8. Salsa and melted cheese would make those egg muffins even tastier. What a great way to serve them.

  9. These are sooooo awesome! Thank you!!!!

  10. Thanks! So glad you liked the idea.

  11. Will these egg muffins turn out ok if I use egg substitute?

  12. Egg substitute will work fine for the egg muffins.


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