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Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Oso Fresh Food Storage Containers

Oso Fresh Fresher Food ContainersThe first time I saw this brand of Oso Fresh Fresher Food Containers in a big set at Costco, I was intrigued but highly skeptical. Made by a company called Lifestyle Innovations, the containers are EPA-registered and FDA-approved polypropylene food storage containers which have microscopic silver particles in the plastic. The silver particles reduce the growth of bacteria, so the containers keep food fresher three or four times longer than other containers.

I might never have gotten over my initial skepticism and purchased these if I hadn't been visiting my brother Rand in California when his friends Bill and Carie came to dinner. Carie brought some food in one of these containers, and I recognized it as being the same thing I'd seen at Costco. Carie raved about how the containers really did work to keep foods fresher, so the next time I was at Costco I bought a big 24 piece set. After I'd used them for a few weeks, I was completely convinced. (Thanks, Carie!)

The containers really do work to keep things like fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, cheese, and sliced deli meats fresh for a significantly longer time than if they were stored in normal plastic containers or plastic bags. I was hooked the first time I was able to use fresh cilantro that had been in the fridge for over two weeks (with a few brown edges, but more than 95% of the cilantro was still good.) One of my favorite uses is for cheese. Even though I have a FoodSaver machine which vacuum packs cheese and keeps it fresh fresh for months and months, that doesn't work for grated cheese, and this is much more convenient for cheese you're using regularly than resealing the bag each time.

There seem to be various styles and colors of containers made by this company with the same germ-reducing properties. The containers in the photo above came from my local grocery store. They're slightly different from the ones I got in the set from Costco which have locking lids, but both seem to work equally well to keep foods fresh. (Edit: I've also seen them in Utah at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.) The 24-piece set has every size you'd ever want, but even if you can only find the two sizes I see at my local store, you'll find lots of uses for them.

If you Google Oso Fresh Fresher Food Containers you'll find many sites with customer testimonials from other people who are equally amazed at how well these work. Sometimes the containers are available at, but they seem to sell out quickly there. If you don't see them at your local Costco or grocery store, I found numerous other places to order them online. You can also order Oso Fresh Containers directly from the company. (And in case anyone is wondering, this company has not sent me any containers or paid me to write about this product.)

Has anyone else tried these containers, and if so, how did you like them? Please let us know about it in the comments if you have any experience with this product.

(Edited February 2011)  Thanks to a reader named Winanne for letting me know that these containers are now called Kinetic Go Green Premium Nano Food Containers.  I haven't seen those in my store, but you can follow that link if you'd like to buy them from  Kalyn's Kitchen does earn a few cents on the dollar when you buy them through Amazon, so thanks!)
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  1. I bought a set of these containers when they first came on the market. I got them at Sharper Image. I liked them so much I bought a second set! They are amazing. Strawberries do not have to be eaten the same day (or next day at the latest) that they have been purchased. I had some that were perfectly fresh a week later!!!!

  2. I got really excited about these... went to the website you posted, and they're sold out of EVERY PRODUCT. The company itself! :( Guess I'll have to see if Canada's Costcos ever get them.

  3. Lynne, perfect use for them!

    Shelby, so sorry to hear that. I think it might be proof of how well they work though, so keep looking for them. I know when I first bought mine they had them at, but they're sold out now too

    Your comment did remind me that I had seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so if you have that store you might check there. I will edit the post and add that info too.

  4. Don't think I've seen these but I may have and brushed them off. I think now I'll be looking. You really are giving them a great recommendation. I like that they're re-useable as opposed to one time use as well as keeping thing fresher.

  5. If they have propylene be careful if they have bisphenol A. Don't keep anything hot in there. Be carefull about any plastic container.

  6. Tanna, I like the re-usable part too. Lots less ziploc bags going into the recycling.

    Texmex, these are just for storing food, not for heating foods in.

  7. They sound wonderful - but I'm guessing it will be years before I see them...
    Perhaps my next request for visitors...

  8. Will definitely be keeping a look out for these - thanks!

  9. going to be on the hunt for these now!

  10. As I'm the queen of lfetovers, these sound perfect for me. Hurrah - now when US friends ask what they can bring me, I'll know what to request!

  11. These containers are great. I found them at the following: Target stores,,,
    I alos found the company website I'm afraid that I am getting addicted to them!!!

  12. Anonymous, thanks for the tip. When I wrote this my Costco didn't have them any more and they were sold out at I didn't think about Target, will check there.

  13. I've been using them for a year. I now own 3 sets! First (large set)from Costco, second from BB&B.
    I keep all salad veges in one large container - carrots, green onions, Romaine, whatever salad vege I have goes in there. It's really crammed, but the items last Forever. No more throw away foods! I keep blueberries in the quart size. And bananas in a large, on the counter they last 10 days (or until they're eaten).
    I give sets for wedding showers. This is a wonderful product!!
    Lynn T

  14. OK, I am a bit late in discovering these. Could not find at Costco or anywhere local, so ordered from Amazon. They are amazing. I just checked some green onions I put in one probably two weeks ago and they will be fine for one of your wonderful egg recipes. We put some left-over salad in one and 24 hours later, good as before, even with some tomatoes!

    1. I'm glad to hear they are still selling them because I saw them at my grocery store for a while but now they don't have them. I am still using mine all the time and loving them!


  16. I did check your link, but that doesn't apply to this brand. If you read the post it says they are EPA-registered and FDA approved.

  17. So sorry about that K... Was trying to google them as they sound awesome, but having a hard time finding them..��

  18. And now I saw my note at the bottom of the post and I'm not sure if the banned ones are the ones referred to in your post or not. Maybe they don't make them any more?

  19. That was my concern when searching for them.:(
    Wish I could find them..:)

  20. Please don't take offense. I so enjoy your blog and have followed you for years!! ❤️

  21. Oh no, no worries! I am not sure what to think about the containers I already have. I've used them for years, so that makes it hard for me to worry about them. But it seems like they're off the market. I'm going to look at the store where I used to see them and will try to remember to report back.


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