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Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Vege-Sal

Vege-SalI'm fairly organized about some things in my life, but I do tend to choose the items I feature for Kalyn's Kitchen Picks by impulse, and recently I realized I hadn't ever done an official pick for Vege-Sal, even though it's something I grew up loving. I still remember as a young girl going on Sunday afternoon "rides" to my Grandma Denny's house in Layton, Utah, and Grandma would always make popcorn seasoned with Vege-Sal. That was in the 1950's, so it's safe to say that this is a product that's been around a long time!

Vege-Sal is a blend of salt and ground vegetables that I think adds a little extra something to so many types of savory dishes. I use it regularly to season rice or grains, eggs, soups, and of course, vegetables. It's lower in sodium than regular salt, although it's not for people who need to drastically reduce salt. (Vege-Sal has 355 mg. of sodium in 1/4 teaspoon, compared to 550 mg. sodium in 1/4 teaspoon of regular table salt.)

Vege-Sal is made by Modern Products, which also makes Spike Seasoning, another one of my favorites. In Utah I can find Vege-Sal at most regular grocery stores. If you can't find it at your regular store, you can definitely get it at a store like Whole Foods, or you can order Vege-Sal from

Recipes Recommending Vege-Sal:
(Recipes from other blogs may not always be South Beach Diet friendly, check ingredients.)
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(There are a lot more recipes where I've mentioned Vege-Sal, and I've used it so long, I think sometimes it's just automatic to reach for it instead of salt.)
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  1. I guess you can tell how much I use this by the fact that my bottle is nearly empty in the photo! Not sure why I just noticed that but I'm blaming it on overwork!

  2. Kalyn, I love Vege-Sal on my popcorn and corn on the cob, in fact I just had some tonight! So good!

  3. Hooray, another Vege-Sal fan. I forgot about corn on the cob, a perfect use for it!

  4. What an interesting idea, adding veggies to salt so you need less salt. I used to love (until they stopped importing it into South Africa) Lawry's Salt-Free 17. If you havent' tried it yet, please do! I used to be addicted to grilled cheese sandwiches sprinkled liberally with this stuff...

  5. Jeanne, it sounds like something I'd like! Plus I cook once a week for my dad and my stepmother can't have any salt at all. We've tried a different brand of "salt-free" seasoning and she was not impressed. Will look for this one!

  6. David Amaro FloresMarch 5, 2009 at 7:16 PM

    Como puedo conseguir Vege-Sal, vivo en la Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal.

    Hojala alguien me pueda ayudar, mi correo electronico es

  7. I used Google Translate to see that David is asking how he can get Vege-Sal and saying he lives in Mexico City. David, I'm not sure if you can order from, but they sell it there.

  8. I live in Northern California, Santa Rosa, and I have used Vegesal for 30years or longer, is that possible? Anyway, it is no longer carried up here anywhere!! Is that possible? When I did buy it, it was like 4.99 a small bottle ! Can you check for me who in the area carries this ! Thank you, desparate for my fav. seasoning. Thanks, E

  9. Elizabeth, the last time I bought it, I noticed they had completely changed the bottle. It now says "Vegetized All Purpose Vege-Sal Magic SPIKE Gourmet Natural Seasoning. That might help you find it. If that doesn't help, it looks like you can buy Vege-Sal Vegetized Seasoning Salt, 4-Ounce Shaker (Pack of 6) from


    Sprinkle it on chicken with a little pepper and grill simple but it is AWESOME!

  11. Hi, Kalyn,

    Just a suggestion - perhaps you could eventually update the picture above? As you mentioned above, the label is now quite different and prominently displays SPIKE on the bottle, which is missing from the picture above. It's now easy to confuse Spike Vege-Sal with Spike Original.

    Love your blog - thanks for all the work you put into it and all the healthful recipes you create that are tried and true and taste wonderful.

    1. Sandy, good idea I buy the box though, so I will have to remember to buy a bottle of it!


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