Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night Photos: Thai Food at Sawadee

Sawadee Thai Restaurant StatueSalt Lake really does have some outstanding Thai restaurants, and one I discovered in the last year is Sawadee, located on historic South Temple. The Thai food here always tastes fresh-tasting and flavorful. The restaurant also has lovely decor, like this little statue on a table in the main room.

These photos are from a dinner with Rand and Bradley the last time they were in town. I didn't write down what dishes we ordered, but this dish with chicken, peppers, and Thai basil is one of Rand's favorites any time he has Thai food.

This deep-fried salmon with peppers and Panang curry sauce was probably my favorite, although all the food was wonderful. We asked for less sugar, which is one way to make Thai food more South Beach diet friendly.

This is green papaya salad with shrimp, slightly sour and spicy, and very delicious. I love all the flavors going on here.

Finally, I have no idea what this dish of wide noodles with broccoli and chicken was called. Although tasty, it was my least favorite (and also the least South Beach friendly dish we ordered.)

Sawadee Thai Restaurant
754 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
Phone: 801-328-8424

Blogger Disclosure:
We paid for the meal at Sawadee and they have no idea I'm writing this post about the restaurant. I don't really write restaurant "reviews" but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I've had great meals.

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  1. So funny Kalyn. I love one of the Thai restaurant here in Melb and it's called Sawadee as well. :)

  2. Hi Kalyn, these look delicious & the first photo of the chicken combo is one I see being cooked by the street vendors here in Bangkok. The last one, with the thick/wide looking noodles with broccoli looks like Kway Teo which is a Singaporean dish. Green papaya salad is still a favorite of mine. Cheers!

  3. That last dish looks like Pad see eew - I'm an avid fan. Wide rice noodles with a sweet soy sauce. Yum!

  4. Hey! Kalyn
    The last dish called "Pad See Eiw". Normally, the original was fried with "Ka Na". However, mixed vegetable is also good including brockery. Chicken may be changes with pork or sea food or whatever. Also the wide noodle, may be instead with Mee Hun or egg noodle. You should ask the new fusion of this dish for the next Thai food. Hope you will enjoy it.

  5. Yum, Kayln. I love Thai food, especially when it's so fresh and flavorful.
    If you want to make Thai at home, try Trader Joe's "Thai Green Curry Sauce" (it's in a jar). I tried it two weeks ago and I was totally blown away - really awesome.

  6. I love it that people are helping me identify the names of the dishes, and that there's a Thai restaurant in Melbourne also called Sawadee. (I wonder what that means? Will have to ask next time I go there.) Thanks for chiming in guys.

    Amy, (sigh) unfortunately there is no Trader Joe's in Utah. I do stock up though when I go visit my brother in LA so will try to remember to get some!

  7. I think the first dish may be Larb or Laab (spelled both ways, but more commonly Laab). The restaurant here calls it Larb.

    Can be made with lamb or chicken, I think. Jenny U of Use Real Butter has a recipe for Larb on her website & I think it is pretty SB friendly.

  8. Hey! Kalyn
    "Sawadee" is Hello or Hi. When Thai people meet together. We also use for "good bye" too. The green Papay salad, we called "Som Tam". The second dish is may be fusion food.
    For KimJ : The first dish is not Larb but called "Pad Kra Prow Kai" The last word "Kai" is chicken. We can use pork instead. Pork, we called "Moo". Then, this dish will called "Pad Kra Prow Moo" You can use other instead too. likes a meat, lamb, sausage or sea food.

  9. Eeuu - Thanks so much for the info! Really appreciate it!

  10. Your're wellcome, Kalyn. I am your fan!!

  11. I love Thai food and that looks like a nice restaurant.. Can't go wrong with the green papaya salad.

  12. Hi Kalyn,

    If you haven't already done so, check out Thai Lotus (downtown) and Pawitts Royal Thai (holladay) for some really great Thai dishes.

    Two personal favourites of mine here in SLC.


  13. Stuart, thanks for the recommendations and fun finding your blog. I added you to my page of Utah food bloggers.


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