Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Night Photos: Boston Gravestones for Halloween Night

GravestonesWhile I was in Boston visiting Lydia, I saw some interesting historical sights. These gravestones from the Boston cemetary seemed like the perfect Friday Night Photos for Halloween night. There is actually one name you might recognize here if you look closely. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. "Listen my children and you shall hear, of the midnight ride of..."

    Great photos!

  2. nice- I could never understand why some people didn't like walking through reading headstones....It's not the dead you have to worry about it's the living. Great pictures...loved it.

  3. Kalyn: I have actually cooked in Lydia's kitchen with my book club. It is a small world!

  4. Thanks Lydia. Great picture-taking opportunities in Boston.

    Anonymous, so glad you liked it.

    Layanee, what a small world indeed. Doesn't Lydia have the greatest kitchen? Just loved her house!

  5. How fun thatyou ladies met up. I remember going into the cemeteries of Boston. Walking the Freedom trail is informative. The history is so cool. I thought it as so neat that I lived near the place where the battle of Lexington and Concord took place. Ahhh....sometimes I miss home.

  6. Wow, love those images... I used to take lots of grave photos before... in Poland we celebrate 1st of November not 31 of October and everyone goes to the cemeteries to "visit" relatives, clean grave areas. We have few graves on oldest cometary in Warsaw and there is lots of beautiful old gravestones...
    Your post brought back my memories, thank you.

  7. Isn't that a great cemetary? You feel such a part of the birth of this country just standing in it. Great shots, Kalyn.

  8. Thanks Kalyn! I always go to see cemeteries when I go to a new country because you learn a lot about the nation's culture and society by looking at how they bury their dead. Great shots of a really interesting subject, I have a project that I want to do with the imagery of skeletons and the Dance of Death, wish I had time to do it before I turn into a skeleton myself!


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