Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Individual Silicone Baking Cups

Silicone Baking CupsEarlier this week I shared my latest version of Breakfast Muffins, and showed them fresh from the oven in these individual silicone baking cups. The baking cups are something I've become completely infatuated with. Earlier on this blog I raved about the silicone muffin tins I used when I made regular Egg Muffins, and while they are vastly superior to any kind of metal muffin pan, the individual silicone baking cups are so much better. Not only are they great because they can stay on the muffins until you eat them, making them easier to reheat, but the muffin pans tend to darken on the top when they're used often. I've been so smitten with these since I got them I decided they deserve to be added to Kalyn's Kitchen Picks, where I rave about the products I love and want to recommend to my readers.

I bought my silicone baking cups at Sur la Table in San Francisco, but I'm guessing most any kind of upscale specialty cooking store will have them, or you can buy Silicone Baking Cups at (Full disclosure: if you follow that link and buy them at, Kalyn's Kitchen earns a few cents on the dollar.) Amazon does seem to have quite a few sizes and shapes, but mine are on the small side, not quite three inches across the top and about 1 1/2 inches high.

Of course if you're into baking you can use these for sweet cupcakes or muffins, but I use mine for Egg Muffins and Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins, something I make all the time for a quick work-day breakfast that can be eaten on the run.

Favorite breakfast recipes using silicone baking cups:
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Other Bloggers Who Like Silicone Baking Cups:
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  1. I have these too and use them for my muffins and cupcakes because I don't have to grease them beforehand. I love them - mine are black though - not the pretty colors you have :-)

  2. My local WalMart has them, too. I have always wanted to try them because I love my silicone muffin pans, but was afraid that the cleanup would be a nightmare. I am headed to WalMart to pick some up today. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I've not been a fan of silicone for baking but picked up a set of these for $5 at my grocery store this week -- and did indeed note your photo earlier in the week, so am glad to know they're a 'pick'.

  4. Very useful and pretty too! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of silicone when baking...



  5. I've really been on the fence about baking with silicone, but I like the cups because they create less waste.

    You can get them at Target, Safeway and Japanese discount stores (like Ichiban Kan) that sell bento supplies. Probably cheapest at the latter.

  6. I absolutely LOVE these. I have my own cute set that I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are dead useful and much easier to keep around than a big huge muffin pan! They're useful for other things too - like snacking on nuts (portion control!). I love them :D

  7. They are so cute. I'll look around if we have these in town. Thanks for the tip. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. I always wanted to try these, but I am concerned about whethere or not things like this leach chemicals into the food. I think I will be purchasing cast iron muffin pans instead.

  9. For folks in the U.S., Target has 5-packs of these silicone baking cups for US$1 in their dollar spot. It's the tail end of that promo, though, so your local Target may be running out soon. (Disclaimer: I have no commercial affiliation with Target.)

  10. Been out exploring Boston all day with Lydia, so just got most of these comments. Sounds like people are mixed about the silicone muffin cups.I don't know how the silicone is for baked goods, but it's great for the types of egg-based muffins I use them for. Biggie, will be going to Target right away to check on that bargain!

  11. Kalyn-

    My husband and I go on and off of south beach often. We are not overweight people, but occasionally, we "fall off of the wagon" and need to get back on. So, we are going back on South beach this week. I am always on the internet looking for new, "jazzed" up recipes and luckily, I came across your web page. I absolutely love your web page. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous, I go off it myself once in a while (like right now when I'm on vacation!) That's one thing I love about South Beach, how you can get right back to it so easily when you need to lose a few pounds. Glad you like the blog, thanks for he feedback.

  13. I fully agree - they are such great things. And come in wonderfully vibrant collours.

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  15. I've been on the fence about silicone. Do you get a funky odor? I know my silpat outgassed for quite some time.

  16. They have a dollar section at every Target when you walk in the store. I found individual baking cups very similar if not probably the same kind for $1.oo/set of 6. I tried them out and they are awesome. I would recommend them if anyone can still find some.

  17. More fans for these, thanks for sharing.

    Cheryl, I haven't noticed any odor with these. I think the other muffin tins had a funny smell the first couple of times I used them, but not now.

    Thanks again for the Target recommendation. Definitely will look for them.

  18. I've never baked with silicone. Are these hard to clean? I wondered if the 'ridges' make it time consuming to wash them...

  19. Nancy, they are completely easy to clean. I just rinse them with warm water most of the time.

  20. These cups are so cute and I almost bought some the other day, but now you have inspired me to go back and infuse a little money into the economy!

  21. i love the different colours of the muffin tins - and they could act as your serving plate!

  22. I actually went out and bought some of these last year specifically to make the breakfast muffins on your blog. Made everything so much easier as the paper ones just were not working for me. I use them for everything now.

  23. Deborah, they're fantastic. You won't regret buying them.

    Med. Kiwi, I do eat my breakfast ones right out of the cup.

    Mrs. L. great to hear you're liking them.


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