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Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Low Sugar Apple Cranberry Crumble
Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble

I knew it was a slippery slope when I made the Low Sugar Pumpkin Apple Crumble, and sure enough, a few days later I found myself thinking about making a different version with all apples and replacing the flour with almond meal. You know how those thoughts can just keep coming back until you find yourself in the kitchen making dessert again, even though you're someone who doesn't really eat dessert? That's how this recipe came about, and happily the end result was a very tasty and low-glycemic dessert with no added sugar or flour whatsoever. I'm adding this to my list of Thanksgiving Recipes, but this is a great fall dessert for any occasion. It's also perfect for the Meeta's Monthly Mingle, where they're featuring Low Sugar Sweet Treats this month at the Daily Tiffin.

I used a mix of red and green apples. Apples are peeled and cut into slices, then sauteed with Splenda or Stevia-in-the-Raw Granulated Sweetener and cinnamon.

Add dried cranberries to the apples, then layer into a 9 inch by 13 inch crockery or glass casserole dish. (The dried cranberries have quite a bit of sugar, so leave them out if you'd like.)

Last time I thought the crumble topping could have been finer, so this time I used the bowl of my immersion blender and ground up the oatmeal before I mixed in the almond meal, sweetener, and butter. I used the trick of grating the butter again to use the absolute minimum amount of butter. (Yes, I know that the South Beach Diet doesn't allow butter, but I refuse to use margarine in a Thanksgiving recipe. Feel free to use margarine if you'd like!)

This time I did a better job of getting the crumble topping evenly browned, and I was very pleased with how this looked when it came out of the oven, and even happier when I tasted it. This could be my new go-to dessert recipe (well, except for the fact that I've never really had a go-to dessert recipe I guess.)

Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble
(Makes about 8 servings, inspired by Low Sugar Pumpkin Apple Crumble which was inspred by Pumpkin and Apple Crumble at Nami Nami.)

8 large or 10 medium sized apples (any type of cooking apple will work)
2 tsp. butter (or margarine)
1/3 cup Splenda or Stevia-in-the-Raw Granulated Sweetener (or sugar)
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. apple pie spice (optional)
1/4 C dried cranberries (optional, leave these out if you want to reduce the sugar)

Crumble Topping Ingredients:
1 C oatmeal, ground in food processor or bowl attachment of immersion blender (use regular or quick cooking rolled oats, but not instant or extra thick oats)
1/3 C almond meal (I use Bob's Red Mill almond meal. You can make your own by grinding almonds if you have a food processor.)
1/3 C Splenda or Stevia-in-the-Raw Granulated Sweetener
3 T butter, grated with large side of cheese grater (can also use margarine)

Cut 3 T butter from a stick and put in freezer for a few minutes to harder. Preheat oven to 400F (200C).

Melt 2 tsp. butter in large non-stick frying pan turned to very low heat. Peel apples one at a time, cut into slices and place in frying pan. When all apples are in pan, add 1/3 cup Splenda or Stevia-in-the-Raw Granulated Sweetener, Cinnamon, and apple pie spice. Saute a few minutes, and when apples are starting to soften add cranberries and cook a few minutes more.

While apple mixture cooks, put oatmeal into food processor or the bowl of an immersion blender and process about 30 seconds, just until oatmeal is a bit more finely ground. Add almond meal and other 1/3 cup Splenda or Stevia-in-the-Raw Granulated Sweetener and pulse to combine. Remove butter from freezer and using large side of metal grater, grate butter into oatmeal/almond/sweetener mixture, then pulse a few times to combine.

Pour cooked apple mixture into the bottom of a 9 X 13 inch crockery or glass casserole dish. (If you only have a metal pan, I would spray it with non-stick spray.) Sprinkle the crumble mixture over the top of apples in an even layer. Bake 30 minutes, or until the mixture is slightly bubbling and lightly browned on top. Serve hot. (If you're not dieting this would be great with whipped cream or ice cream on top.)

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South Beach Suggestions:
Butter is not recommended for the South Beach Diet due to the saturated fat, so this is definitely a "once in a while treat" if made with butter. If you trying to make this as low-glycemic as possible, whether to lose weight or for medical reasons, I would leave out the dried cranberries, as they have quite a bit of sugar for such a small amount.

Nutritional Information?
I chose the South Beach Diet to manage my weight partly so I wouldn't have to count calories, carbs, points, or fat grams, but if you want nutritional information for a recipe, I recommend entering the recipe into Calorie Count, which will calculate it for you. 

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  1. This sounds delicious :) And so guilt-free! I'm starring this for sometime soon.

  2. Mmmm, thank you! My dad is diabetic and I can't wait to see him and make him this recipe. =) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. that looks great, Kalyn! I didn't think of using an immersion blender.
    have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. This sounds wonderful! I'm going to make it for Thanksgiving so my mother (wheat intolerant) will have a festive dessert. I found some dried cranberries that are sweetened with apple juice and no additional sugar and will use those. Thanks for such a great fall dish :-)

  5. Kalyn, I make this or a version of this at least once a month. I substitute Smart Balance for butter or margarine.

    At first my husband would not touch it, now he loves it too!

  6. Magpie, I was definitely going for relatively guilt-free!

    Jesse, hope your dad likes it. I loved it myself.

    Cheryl, the immersion blender bowl is so handy. Love it!

    MsBlueKatt, I was looking for that type of dried cranberry but never did find any. Hope your mom likes it!

    Mimi, I've been trying to get myself to be more open-minded about Smart Balance, so now that I know you've used it in something like this with good results, I'll try it! Thanks for sharing that info.

  7. Oh yes - this is really perfect. guilt -free is the magic word. thank you so much for joining the MM. I am ecstatic to finally have you over!


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