Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Night Photos: A Fabulous Store for Cookbook Lovers

Used Cookbook StoreI've missed a few weeks of Friday Night Photos, but this week I'm back with a recommendation for anyone on the east coast who's shopping for someone who loves cookbooks. When I was visiting Lydia, she took me to the most amazing store that sells used and hard-to-find cookbooks. Next time you're in Massachusetts, don't miss this store!

Owner Chuck Williams is a classy and charming retired gentleman with a love of cookbooks. He opens the store on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., but you can call on other days to see if he's there, or make an appointment. (So sad I didn't get a photo of Chuck. Guess I will have to go back!)

Obviously she moved when I took the photo, but that red blur is Lydia hot on the trail of a cookbook that she simply must have. We both made some wonderful purchases that day, and you can never have too many cookbooks, that's what Lydia and I always say.

There are chairs where you could sit down and seriously get lost in cookbooks for hours. I think you could find most any cookbook that's been published in the U.S. in this store, and if you go, be sure to tell Chuck that Lydia sent you!

Finally, here I am, holding up a copy of the very first cookbook I ever owned, James Beard's "How To Eat Better for Less Money." I bought that book in college, and still have it to this day. It might be a good topic for today's tough economic times, and if you visit the used cookbook store, you can get your own copy.

Eagle Trading Company
Old, Used, Out-of-Print Cookbooks
4 Elm St. (Route 79 at the four corners)
Assonet, Massachusetts 02702

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  1. That store looks fabulous! I'm sure I could spend several hours (not to mention lots of money) in there. And you look so cute in your jean jacket! ; )

  2. What a great store. I would cause some serious damage to my book account if i was ever to visit that store. I love bookstores in general. Thank you for sharing it Kalyn. You are always so generous.I am sitting at home really happy because it is a my first day on holiday. i will have 3 full weeks of holiday. have a lovely weekend

  3. I think I'm sick now, sick with longing to live next door to that store OR be able to stay with Lydia for a week and camp-out in that store some long hours!
    Again, that was one really great trip and time you had!

  4. I'm so glad to share our secret source -- this is a cookbook store that's worth the drive, and your photos really capture the spirit of the place. I'm happy to go there with any visiting food bloggers!

  5. That's my kind of store, for sure! I could be in there all day. I have a brother who lives in Boston and we get out there to visit him. Where is Assonet?

  6. You've hit on my weakness -- books. I'm totally addicted and have my one-click order program at Amazon bookmarked for speedy convenience. It's my downfall, so I'd be in trouble hanging out in a bookstore like the one you feature here. It looks wonderful. Usually my mouth waters over the recipes you post. This time it's a bookstore! :-)

  7. Susan, this is a fabulous store. Of course I never like the pictures of myself! Doesn't everyone feel that way?

    Valentina, the store could be dangerous if you lived close to it! I know I'll definitely go there whenever I'm in Boston. Lucky you to have 3 weeks off. I'm thrilled with two weeks, starting next Friday.

    Tanna, either living next door our hanging out with Lydia would be great. You would LOVE the store!

    Lydia, thanks again for taking me there!

    Italian dish, all I know is what is at the bottom of the post, copied from the notice. It says "route 79 at the four corners."

    Glutenfreeforgood, you're sweet! Books are my weakness too. Yes, I'm very familiar with that Amazon "one-click."

  8. Definitely bookmarked. We spend much of the summer in Massachusetts every year. I have no idea where that city is, but I'll be checking it out and hopefully making the journey for a visit. That store is pure heaven for me!!

  9. i now have to travel to mass just to see that store :)

  10. What a cool place! Wish they had one around here in Utah.

  11. For those who've asked, Assonet is just north of Fall River, Massachusetts, less than an hour from Boston and less than half an hour from Providence.

  12. I live in MA and have over 500 cookbooks in the collection and I had NO IDEA that lace existed!
    I feel a road trip coming.
    Thank you!

  13. Thank goodness I don't live close to that! I would be powerless.

  14. Now this is a gem!!! Love the idea! Will have to put that on my "go to" list next time I'm in Massachusetts.

  15. I have been to the store many times. It is a great find! The owner is fabulous. Any foodie should take a trip to Mass and include a visit to the store.

  16. Linda, sadly I think it's now out of business.


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