Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Healthy Chili Recipes that Aren't Just for the Superbowl!

Seven amazing chili recipes that aren't just for the Superbowl!
I love Superbowl Parties and I love chili, not necessarily in that order!

Whenever I'm attending a Superbowl party and people start talking about football, I feel like I should hold up a sign saying "I'm just here for the food."  But my lack of enthusiasm for football (there I said it) doesn't diminish my appreciation of Superbowl parties in the least.  And doesn't chili and the Superbowl just go together perfectly?  In no particular order, here are seven chili recipes I'd make for the Superbowl, or any day of the year!

Asking a chili lover to pick their favorite is like asking a mother to choose their cutest child, but if anyone asked me I'd have to pick the Black Bean and Beef Chili with Lime, Cilantro, and Avocado Salsa as being my absolute favorite. It's the salsa that makes this chili over-the-top good.

The recipe for Crockpot Black Bean Chili with Lime and Cilantro was definitely a spin-off of the black bean chili just above it, but besides being made in the crockpot, this one is a bit less spicy, and has less ingredients. There's still a generous amount of lime and cilantro though, two of the things I really like in chili.

I called this Not Just for the Superbowl Chili when I posted it back in 2006. This was a huge hit with my family, and one I still make now, many Superbowl parties later!

For those who'd like a meatless chili, this Vegan Lentil Chili with Roasted Red Peppers, Olives, and Green Onion is really delicious!

When she gave me the recipe, I never imagined that Amy's Amazing White Chicken Chili would become one of the most popular recipes on my blog, but this is a hit with everyone who tries it!

Chocolate added to chili is a brilliant flavor pairing, and this version of Turkey and White Bean Chili with Chocolate was one of the first times I tried it. This chili also uses lean ground turkey instead of beef, and has white beans which go well with the turkey.

This Slow Cooker Recipe for Beef and Refried Bean Chili with Salsa and Lime is another one with the lime and chili flavor combo I like so much.  This is thickened with refried beans for those who like an extra-thick chili.

Does your family make chili for Superbowl Sunday? If you've got a favorite chili recipe, please share in the comments (links are welcome.)
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  1. your chili colors are so bright! :)

  2. I posted my Super Bowl recipes and clicked on yours within moments. I took a different tack, but I'm sure if we were at the same SB party, we'd both be in the kitchen talking about the food, instead of watching the game. You'll see when you read mine. LOL

  3. I totally agree with u...infact chillies and my life are

    Am so glad I stumbled here. You have a great place and would absolutely love to entertain you at my lil place sometime. :)

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Sounds terrific!


  5. John, I had to take out the link from your comment. I can't allow people to leave links recommending products like that because if I do my blog will be over-run with companies leaving links "advertising" their products.

  6. What a wonderful recipe - We are big chili fans in this house as those one pot wonders are terrific!!

  7. This is great, Kalyn!! I just can't stop making chili lately, either!

    I recently blogged about my new favorite chili recipe using Rancho Gordo Pinquitos here, should you be interested. Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo actually sent me an email complimenting on the recipe, so I am through the roof, of course. I am not sure if it is South Beach Diet friendly, but I am completely addicted to it.

    Salsa fixings on top are key!!


    ~ Paula

  8. BTW... The Chocolate and White Bean chili combo has me quite inspired.

    Thank you!!!

    ~ Paula

  9. I love making chili. I think chili recipes are so easy to come up with and they're always super tasty! I can't wait to try your black bean chili with cilantro!

  10. Oh Kalyn, that bowl of chili and then the avocado on top. Sooo good!

  11. Those are some tasty looking superbowl treats!

  12. Now, that is some serious looking chili! Count me in!

  13. Looks delicious, I love hot chilli.Thx for sharing!!

  14. Oh... too bad I did not find your chili recipe in time for the Super Bowl... we had Super Bowl Falafel Nibblers and Buffalo Wings tonight( But, chili is great anytime so can't wait to get the ingredients for your black bean chili with lime, cilantro and salsa.


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