Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Links: More Utah Food Blogs You May Enjoy Reading

This Wednesday, Salt Lake Tribune food editor Kathy Stephenson featured Kalyn's Kitchen and some other Utah food blogs in a piece called Blog Appetit. (Follow that link to read about some of the people blogging about food in Utah.) I know about some of the spotlighted blogs, but what was surprising to me was how many of the blogs mentioned were new to me. When my life slows down a bit, I look forward to checking out the other Utah blogs more thoroughly.

Besides the ones mentioned in the article, there are some more food blogs in Utah that you might like to check out (especially if you have more time than I do to read other blogs!) If you scroll down my left sidebar, there is a list for Food Bloggers in Utah Kitchens, where I list blogs in Utah that I'm familiar with. Credit goes to Holly from PheMOMenon, who has started organizing Utah bloggers into a group called The Utah Hive. So far we haven't managed a get-together, but I'm sure it will happen eventually. Besides Holly, a few other Utah blogs that are pretty active in the food blogging world include Taste and Tell, The Feast Within, and Two Peas and Their Pod (by my former neighbor Maria, who started her blogging career as a guest photographer on Kalyn's Kitchen.)

In that funny way that the internet works, there are only two Utah bloggers I've had dinner with! In 2006, Vanessa from She Craves and Erin from Erin Eats met at my house for a Utah Food Bloggers' Dinner. The other two Utah bloggers I've met are Maria, who was a great neighbor when she lived next door, and Norah, who used to volunteer in my fourth grade classroom! I also know professional food writers Kathy Stephenson who blogs for the Salt Lake Tribune at Bite by Bite, and Valerie Phillips who blogs for the Deseret News at Flavors.

I'm sure there must be even more Utah food bloggers I don't know about. If you're a Utah blogger who'd like to be added to the Utah Hive, you can contact Holly at PheMOMenon.
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  1. Congrats on the nod in the Trib. I thought the article was well-done. :)

  2. I enjoyed the article in the Trib. Nice job! And thanks for the mention here! Thanks for getting me into blogging. I am addicted now:) I appreciate all of your help! You are the food blog rock star! I am glad so many Utahns are food blogging. Hopefully we can get together sometime!

  3. Jen, I agree.

    Maria, you're sweet. I don't think I'm the food blog rock star, but I am still really enjoying doing it (although maybe a bit past the "addicted" stage for me.) Your blog is looking great. Yes, we need to get together. Stop by and see what I'm doing to my house!

  4. Thank you for mentioning me. I am honored. You've always been someone I have admired and I've known you most of my life. I love your blog and hope that one day mine will be as wonderful as yours.

  5. Norah, I'm honored to have you say that. Remember I've been blogging nearly four years, and I didn't learn everything in a few days (and I still feel like I only know about 25% of what I wish I knew!)

  6. Thanks for putting together a list of Utah bloggers! It's fun to check in on them.


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