Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ten Low-Glycemic Menu Options for a South Beach Diet Friendly Superbowl Party

Shrimp CocktailEvents like a Superbowl party can be challenging if you're trying to stick a low-glycemic diet, whether it's to lose weight or for medical reasons. When I started eating the South Beach Diet way, I soon learned that when I went to a party I should take something tasty that was diet-friendly for me. That way, even if I didn't want to eat any of the other food, I still had something good and didn't feel deprived. Now that I've been maintaining my weight loss for quite a few years I might indulge a bit more for special occasions, but I do continue that habit of making sure that the food I bring is South Beach friendly when I'm going to a party. I've already mentioned that Chili is a great Superbowl party food for South Beach dieters, so you might start your menu planning with that. Besides chili, here are ten more menu options that would taste great while you're watching the game, starting with the Shrimp Cocktail with Low-Sugar Cocktail Sauce pictured above.

Every Superbowl party needs chips, and these Baked Brown Rice Tortilla Chips are delicious, easy to make, and taste good with lots of different dips.

If you'd like something healthy to eat with your brown rice tortilla chips, this White Bean and Artichoke Dip is really a winner. You can also eat it with whole wheat tortilla chips if you can't find the brown rice tortillas.

A unique party food that's delicious is this Tuna Mousse, shown here served with whole-grain crackers, but also delicious served with celery or whole grain pita bread.

This Heart-Healthy Shrimp Dip with Veggie Dippers is another party option that tastes great. You could also serve it with whole-grain crackers instead of veggies if you prefer.

Deviled eggs are a perfect South Beach Diet snack, and if you want to get a bit fancier than usual, these Tarragon-Mustard Deviled Eggs are wonderful.

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas with Moroccan Spices are another tasty snack food. If you're not sure about the Moroccan spices, you might prefer Chickpeas Roasted with Tamari and Sea Salt.

Another option made with low-glycemic chickpeas is these Baked Falafel Patties with Yogurt-Tahini Sauce. This is a great party dish for vegetarians and it's unique but easy to make.

My friend Georgette gave me this recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms with Feta Cheese and Kalamata Olives, and this would be an impressive appetizer for any party.

Finally, meatballs are always good for parties, and these Greek Meatballs from The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook are baked, which makes them easy to make and very diet-friendly.

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  1. Perfect choices, Kalyn - to be able to snack and feel good about it is a gift. Ever since I interviewed you by e-mail about this very topic a few years ago, I have managed to lower the carb intake when we snack. Of course, we still do potato chips.

  2. Thank you so much for these! Great ideas, I've been trying to figure out what to make...

  3. I'm going to try the chick peas and the tortillas. But I think I'm going to have to triple or quadruple the recipes for the bunch of snackers we'll be having! Probably ought to start now - ha!

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. What a great post, Kalyn! You've given us lots of great alternatives for a delicious Super Bowl party!

  5. Healthy, fancy fare for a great Super Bowl party! The white bean dip and falafel look great.

  6. What a great layout, nice variety, pleanty of different flavors, great ideas!! Pictures are beautiful! Especially liked the chickpeas!

  7. Hi Kalyn - great round-up! I've been wanting to prepare a tuna mousse so that is going on my to-do list.
    I never thought about South Beach super bowl recipes, but after looking at my recipe round-up - I can see how the traditional bash would be a s.b. danger zone - I've got a mental note to tuck in some lighter options next year! Enjoy the game!

  8. Thanks so much for these ideas. I'm always looking for snacks that are SB friendly. Your site is great!

  9. Great party ideas! Enjoy the weekend and the big game!

  10. These are great ideas! I make a white bean/artichoke dip that is very similar, but without the parmesan to keep it dairy-free.

  11. These are great, can't wait to try the dip, looks fabulous! Thanks.

  12. I love your line-up, Kalyn. I could make any of these - even if I don't watch the Superbowl. ;)

  13. Kalyn- have you ever tried 'Kale chips'? There are as crunchy and satisfying as potato chips, are easy to make, and require a minimal amount of oil. I got the recipe from Epicurious but it's basically Kale leaves with the center ribs cut out, tossed with a tiny bit of olive oil (1 1/2 - 2 tbl for a whole bunch) and seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper (or any other spices). Then just bake at 200 degrees for 30-35 minutes. When I've brought these to parties they've been huge hits and people are always asking for the recipe!

  14. Emily I've vaguely heard of this idea of making chips from Kale but haven't tried it. Sounds like something I might like though, thanks for the idea. Perfect for something like this.


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