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Friday Night Photos: Superbowl Party Food from a Family of Good Cooks

Superbowl Party FoodAlthough there are still house renovations going on, I thought I'd take a break from showing rocks and construction debris and show some of the food from the annual Superbowl Party hosted by my brother Mark and his wife Lisa. (South Beach Dieters may want to cover their eyes, or check the recipe archives for more diet-friendly choices!) One thing that disappeared quickly were the Spicy Sausage Wraps above, made by my sister-in-law Amy.

Some people call this Seven Layer Dip, but in my family this is always called Macho Nacho Dip. I'm not sure who made this or what all the layers were, but you can count on a version of this showing up at every Denny family party!

My beautiful niece Kara made this tangy spread for baguettes, which was really delicious. Kara is a blogger, so maybe I can get her to share the recipe.

Everyone in our family loves homemade chicken and noodles, just like our mom used to make. My sister Pam is a master at the dish that everyone in our family calls "Fat Noodles."

Our hostess Lisa made two kinds of Parmesan Breadsticks, even a whole wheat version for those of us who prefer it. Be sure to notice the football plate! Lisa also had a special shirt for the party, equally favoring both teams.

The breadsticks were great for dipping into this Cheese Soup, also made by Lisa. My brother Mark warned me that the soup was not remotely South Beach Diet friendly, but I had to have a taste.

Finally, my brother-in-law Kelly has started a new tradition with chocolate-dipped strawberries, and they were a bit hit again this year. Kelly makes them himself, and gets better at it every year.

These were less than a fourth of the tasty dishes we had at the party, but after the first little while I got too distracted with eating to take many photos! When my family has a party, you know there will be an abundance of good food. What are your favorite things to eat when you get together with your family?
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  1. Wow! That's some great looking party food, Kalyn! The fat noodles look amazing!!

    I like to mix it up, and rarely make the same thing twice, but this year my Crispy Prawns w/ Spicy Aioli were a huge hit on two occasions so far, including the Superbowl. At this rate, I may just have to make them again for the Oscars.


    ~ Paula

  2. You sure feast on great food! Love this kind of traditions!

  3. My lord, what a SPREAD. Good thing I wasn't there, otherwise you'd probably have to roll me out the door!

  4. Wow. Bet you guys had an awesome time. How could you not with all that food! Yum.

  5. I would love the cheese soup recipe!!!

    great pictures:) makes me hungry!


  6. Can you share the fat noodle recipe. Looked just like what my mom used to make. I think her noodles were more kin to the slick dumplings of the South. Would really love to see your recipe.

    Regards, Nan

  7. Please share the fat noodle recipe, please please please. And Thank you!

  8. It was definitely a fun party. I'll see if I can get the recipe for fat noodles from Pam and cheese soup from Lisa. I need to think about whether to post them here in the comments or as a recipe post, because I try to be careful about keeping the recipes on the site South Beach Diet friendly so people don't get confused. Maybe it would be okay if I make sure to emphasize that they aren't diet friendly! I grew up on those Fat Noodles, and they are really delicious! I've made them, but not for years and Pam makes them much better than I do!

  9. Wow, Kalyn - what amazing food! I don't think I've ever met a 7-layer dip I didn't like.

    I made your black bean/cilantro/lime chili for the party I went to, and it was a hit. :)

  10. Laurie, it was definitely a food-fest at the party! So glad to hear you liked the chili; thanks for letting me know!

  11. I love your site. I just started South Beach 1 week ago and I've found a couple recipes on your site I want to try. I tried the cauliflower au gratin tonight and loved it so much, I put a link to your recipe on my blog.

  12. I see that good eats was had by all. ;-)


  13. Cindy, glad you liked it!

    Paz, our family does know how to eat!

  14. Here is the Cheese Soup recipe from my sister-in-law Lisa (NOT South Beach friendly, as she warns in the recipe, but very delicious!)

    Cheese and Broccoli Soup
    (non-south beach)

    In one pot:

    2 c diced potatoes
    10 oz frozen peas and carrots (or fresh)
    diced onions
    stalk (or more) diced celery
    10 oz chopped broccoli

    Barely cover with water and simmer until soft.

    In big, big pot (that will hold the final soup)

    2 qts water
    12 bouillon cubes
    Boil and melt the cubes and stir well.

    In little pot

    2 cubes butter
    1 1/2 c flour
    Make the rue.

    Back to the big pot:

    Add the rue. Stir well.
    Add 16 oz. cheese whiz. Stir well.
    Add the veggies. Stir well.

    Eat and enjoy!

  15. I'm impressed with the homemade noodles! Lovely to have things homemade.

  16. Arfi, my sister says I can come and photograph and take notes next time she makes them, so I'll share the recipe when that happens.

  17. My favorite, I think, is the noodle soup. Those noodles look fantastic.

  18. What a great family! Now Pam has sent me the recipe for Fat Noodles. (I still want to go watch her make it and take photos, but this may help people in the meantime.)


    [Chicken Noodle Soup]

    Broth: Boil 1 whole chicken for 2-3 hours in 8 quarts of water. Add 8 generous teaspoons of Knorr chicken bouillon granules [or may use cubes].

    Remove chicken and strain broth.


    5 eggs
    5 egg shells of water [use ½ side of the egg shell]
    1 t salt
    3-4 cups flour [must be a stiff dough]
    ½ to 1 cup more flour—used while rolling out
    Pepper to your taste. May add a little salt, but not needed if
    you added enough bouillon.

    Mix eggs, water, and salt; beat with a fork. Add flour, 1 cup at a time, to the egg/water mixture. Mix until dough is stiff, still able to knead. Knead well. Roll out on a well floured board until very thin [about 1/8 inch]. Cut into noodles about 1/3 inch wide, using a pizza cutter. Be very generous with the flour during the rolling and cutting steps.

    Drop noodles, a few at a time, into the boiling broth. Stir in between while dropping in the noodles so they don't stick together. Optional: Add chunks of chicken.

    Cook for about 40 minutes.

    Thanks Pam!

  19. I should probably clarify that Fat Noodles are also not South Beach friendly with all that white flour. I tried making them once with whole wheat flour, but it wasn't a success!

  20. What a great family fun time. I know my Gorn would have been heavy into those Spicy Sausage Wraps ;) I'd have headed for those strawberries ;)

  21. Any chance of getting the spicy sausage roll recipe? Everything sounds so good.

  22. Anonymous, I'll see if I can get the recipe from Amy.

  23. Here is the recipe for the Spicy Sausage Wraps from Amy (not South Beach Diet friendly, but tasty, especially with mustard!)

    1 pkg. Little Smokies sausages
    1 tube Popping Fresh refrigerator biscuits
    mustard, for serving

    Preheat oven to 400F.
    Cut biscuit in half. Wrap each sausage with half biscuit and place on cookie sheet sprayed with non-stick spray.

    Bake about 12 minutes, or until biscuit dough is starting to brown and sausage is hot.

    Serve with mustard.

    Amy used a crockpot to keep them warm at the party, although they disappeared so fast she probably didn't need it!

  24. Hi, Kalyn! Pretty good pics! All looks so tasteful!


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