Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.1.0 (The Roof, Windows, and a Door!)

Last week I talked about roof trusses going up, so you're probably not surprised to see the roof coming along, but I'm so excited to see it. Having a roof means that the work can continue even if there's bad weather, and it also shows me how the new addition will blend in with the original house. (Very nicely, thank you Spencer!) The wire in this photo goes from an electric pole in the far corner of my back yard to the neighbor's house. We're hoping when the electric company raises the wire it won't be a problem, otherwise it's a rather expensive fix, even with my neighbor sharing the cost.

Of course that roof didn't get this far along without some major work. Here's Spencer and Ben doing some careful footwork with a piece of roof sheathing. I couldn't get up on a roof like that for any amount of money, so I appreciate how well they do it!

This is a back view of the roof work in progress. I was quite amazed at how quickly the roof went on once the roof trusses were all in place.

It actually took more than a week to go from roof to windows, but when I came home from work tonight I was so excited to see windows I couldn't resist taking a few photos. This photo shows the back windows and door, and my photo table will be under the window you see here on the right.

Here's another view from the back, with Ben and Spencer checking out the new door and windows. It looks like the door is floating in air, but when you come out there'll be one step down to a deck that goes across the back of the house.

Finally this is the other set of windows that should bring in lots of wonderful light for food photos. At the suggestion of my brother-in-law Kelly, I used three tall windows here to match the other windows on this side of the house. (Yes, I feel very lucky to have so many talented people giving me advice, and doing such a beautiful job on the work!)

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr or use the label House Ronovations to see all the posts.)

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  1. Nice large windows -- the new space will be so light and bright, and will give you a wonderful view of the garden. Perfect!

  2. What a definitive moment! A roof makes it so real. Coming along nicely!

  3. Love the windows! You will love having that light! I showed Josh the pictures, he is glad it is moving along!! You are going to love it!!

  4. i love large windows and doors! it's coming along so well!

  5. Gad, the excitement is just going over the top. It's looking grand Kalyn!

  6. Renovations are always fun and sometimes stressful!

    Looks like a nice size project. I love the glass door and windows. Lots of light!

  7. It's really starting to look like a real house!! :)

  8. Everything looks so hubby works construction ..drives the fork-lift. Love all the windows... can't wait to see it all done and the room all set up. Wish I was their with you.


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