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South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-Up for February 2009 (Low-Glycemic Recipes)

South Beach Diet Phase One RecipesKalyn's favorite phase one recipe for February 2009
is Pinto Bean and Beef Stew with Cumin and Cilantro.

It's that time again when the calendar flips over and I round up phase one recipes I've posted on Kalyn's Kitchen or spotted on other blogs during the previous month. These phase one recipes round-ups for the South Beach diet are my little campaign to show people that phase one isn't really that difficult, and I do hear from people who tell me they use the round-ups when they 're doing phase one. This has been a hectic month for me, with house renovations, parent-teacher conferences, and family issues taking me away from the blog, but even if this round-up is a bit lighter than usual, but I still managed to find some pretty interesting and delicious-looking phase one recipes to pass along.  (You can use the label Low-Glycemic Recipe Round-Ups to see all the posts like this one.)

Phase One appetizers and Condiments

Phase One Salads and Salad Dressings
Salad with Tomatoes, Avocado, Feta, Shrimp, and Caper Vinaigrette from Kalyn's Kitchen
Chicken and Shredded Cabbage Salad with Mustard and Celery Seed from Kalyn's Kitchen
Middle Eastern Bean Salad with Parsley and Lemon (Balela) from Kalyn's Kitchen
Tuscan Bean Salad from She's in the Kitchen

Phase One Soups, Stews, and Chilis

Pinto Bean and Beef Stew with Cumin and Cilantro from Kalyn's Kitchen
Tomato Rosemary Veggie Soup from Running with Tweezers
Escarole and White Bean Soup from Gastronomer's Guide
Two-Bean Chicken Chili from A Good Appetite
Tuscan Vegetable Soup from Recipe Girl
Quick and Easy Asian Style Vegetable Soup from Gluten-Free Goodness
Leek and Butter Bean Soup with Ham from A Dash of Sass

Phase One Vegetables or Side Dishes
Twice-Baked Spaghetti Squash with Pesto and Parmesan from Kalyn's Kitchen
Lime Kale with Beans and Dill from What's For Lunch Honey? (skip the rice for phase one)
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Vinaigrette from Sarah's Cucina Bella
Smashed Celery Root from Kayotic Cooking
Kale Chips from Daily Unadventures in Cooking

Phase One Meat, Chicken, or Fish Entrees
Pan-Seared Salmon with Avocado Remoulade from Simply Recipes
Another Prawn Malaikari from How Am I Doing? (don't serve over rice for phase one)
Chicken Roasted in a Pot from Cooking with Amy (avoid skin and fattier pieces of chicken for South Beach Diet)
Seared Tuna with Pepper and Soy-Mustard Sauce from Nick at Serious Eats
Pizza Fish from Cook Sister! (use Splenda instead of sugar)
Red Curry Roasted Salmon with Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper, Mint and Basil from Sidewalk Shoes

Phase One Breakfasts
Eggs Scrambled with Red Pepper, Basil and Cheese from Kalyn's Kitchen
Ham and Vegetable Frittata from Dragon's Kitchen (use olive oil and not butter for South Beach Diet)
Mushroom and Spinach Frittata with Smoked Gouda from Chow Times
Fried Eggs with Tomatoes, Rucola, and Olives from Lucullian Delights

Did I Miss Your Phase One Recipe?
Phase one menus for the South Beach Diet focus on lean meats, seafood, eggs, dried beans, soy products, low-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, and most vegetables. Phase one doesn't permit fruit, alcohol, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, or any foods high in saturated fat. Obviously I miss lots of phase one recipes, so if you're a food blogger who posted a recipe this month that you think would be approved for phase one, please feel free to e-mail me the link at kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. I'll take a look, and if the recipe is phase-one friendly, I'll add it to next months roundup. (Please don't leave recipe links in the comments. They will not be published.)

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  1. That really is a delish looking pinto bean & beef stew.

  2. How could I ever feel deprived on Phase One with these delicious recipes? Thanks so much, Kalyn!

  3. that looks delish - i LOVE cumin!

  4. Hi Kalyn!

    I first want to thank you very much for featuring my "Greek Deviled Egg" recipe on your website. I hope your readers enjoy the recipe as much as I have.

    I did notice a typo though. You list the posting as "Eat Me Delicious", when it should be "Feed Me Delicious".


  5. Tanna, thanks. Having fun with the pressure cooker! Love how it keeps the colors bright in the food.

    Katrina, so glad! That is my goal.

    Pearl, thanks (me too!)

    Jay, so sorry, just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know, I hate typos!

  6. So many of these recipes are just fantastic. Thanks for all the links. I'm not a South Beach dieter, but good food is good food!

    And I am still very drawn in by your photo of the beef stew. YUM.

  7. Kalyn, Your South Beach recipes are a fantastic resource! I just started South Beach, and your site is a constant reference for me. Thanks for your wonderful site!

  8. Melissa, I love knowing that the recipes sound good to people who aren't dieting as well, thanks!

    Lucy, good luck on South Beach. Glad to hear that the blog is useful to you, that's my goal (that and keeping myself on track!)

  9. Is Pizza Fish from Cook Sister!
    really a phase one item since it has sugar in it?

  10. Anonymous, thanks for catching that! I have edited to remind that you must replace the sugar with Splenda for this to be Phase One.


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