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Recipe for Shrimp and Wasabi (or Dijon) Deviled Eggs and a Collection of Deviled Egg Ideas

Shrimp and Wasabi Deviled EggsI can tell Easter is coming, partly because of all the people finding my post about Two Methods for Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs through Google. That post has a lot of ideas for using boiled eggs, which many people have in the fridge after Easter. This year I thought it would be fun to find interesting ideas for deviled eggs. Check after this recipe for lots of deviled egg variations, and I'll keep adding them through Easter weekend if I spot more deviled egg ideas that sound good. If you have an interesting recipe for deviled eggs, please share in the comments.

If you're planning to make hard-boiled eggs, I hope you've had them in the fridge for a few days, because eggs that are at least a week old are much easier to peel. Even when I use my method for perfect hard-boiled eggs, I usually manage to mangle at least one egg, but I like extra yolks in my hard-boiled eggs, so it all works out. Here are the deviled eggs when I started this recipe.

Wasabi is a type of spicy Japanese horseradish, commonly served with sushi. The wasabi sold in the U.S. is often just a mix of horseradish, mustard, and green food coloring, so I'm not sure if I've ever had the real thing, and for this recipe I used the wasabi powder you mix with water. If you have wasabi in a tube, I think it would be better, but you might use a bit less. If you don't have wasabi, or aren't a fan, use Dijon mustard instead.

I used small frozen shrimp, which thawed quickly while I was boiling and peeling the eggs. I used 1/4 cup frozen shrimp which gave me 3 T of chopped shrimp, but next time I think I'd put twice as much shrimp as that. You can use canned shrimp, but I'd rinse the shrimp to make them less salty.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I thinly sliced the green ends of four green onions, then I chopped about 2/3 of them to make 2 T finely minced green onions. I used the rest of the sliced onions as garnish. I love green onions, so use less than this if you're not as fond of them.

I used 6 boiled egg yolks to make 10 deviled egg halves, throwing away the two egg white halves that were the most mangled! I don't like lumpy deviled eggs, so I always mash the yolks finely with a fork before I add anything else.

Next I put 3 T mayo in a small dish and mixed in wasabi paste until it tasted about right to me. (For me that was 2 tsp. wasabi paste, but I'd start with a small amount and taste it.) Then I mixed the wasabi mayo, chopped shrimp, 2 T finely minced green onion, and a tiny amount of Vege-Sal into the mashed egg yolks.

I'm not a cake decorator, so I don't have a piping bag. What I do is transfer the egg yolk mixture to a small size Ziploc bag, then cut off one corner and squeeze the egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves through that corner. This is so easy, and much less messy than trying to fill the eggs with a spoon.

Shrimp and Wasabi (or Dijon) Deviled Eggs
(Makes 10 deviled egg halves, recipe created by Kalyn)

6 eggs (use eggs at least a week old if possible)
2 tsp. wasabi paste, use more or less to taste (I used 2 tsp. wasabi powder mixed with 4 tsp. water)
1/4-1/2 cup small frozen shrimp, thawed (I used 1/4 cup but next time I'd use more)
4 green onions, green end thinly sliced (save white ends for another use)
3 T mayo or light mayo
1/4 tsp. Vege-Sal (optional, or use just a pinch of salt)

Remove eggs from refrigerator and put in warm water so eggs come to room temperature, then boil the eggs, following instructions for Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs. Cool eggs in cold water with ice cubes, then peel and cut in half. Remove egg yolks and put in bowl.

While eggs boil, first thinly slice green onions, then finely mince about 2 T of them, leaving the rest for garnishing the finished eggs. Check to see if shrimp is thawed (you can microwave on low for a few seconds if needed.) Finely chop shrimp.

Put 3 T mayo into a small bowl, then mix in wasabi paste, a small amount at a time, tasting after each addition, until it is as spicy as you'd like it. (You can substitute Dijon for the wasabi if you prefer.) In a larger bowl, mash egg yolks with a fork. Then mix 2 T finely minced green onions, chopped shrimp, mayo-wasabi mixture, and Vege-sal or salt into mashed egg yolks.

Discard 2 egg white halves (I nearly always have at least one egg that gets mangled!) then arrange the other egg white halves on a cutting board so they're ready to be filled. Use a rubber scraper to transfer the egg yolk mixture to a small plastic bag or piping bag. Cut off the tip of one corner if using plastic bag, then squeeze the egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves, until all the mixture is used. Garnish each egg with some of the thinly sliced green onions, and serve.

Eggs will stay good for a day or two in the refrigerator.

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Deviled eggs like this are a great choice for any phase of the South Beach Diet, especially if made with light mayo.

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  1. Great twist on the traditional recipe. I have never liked deviled eggs or even plain hard boiled eggs. The yolk scares me:) Maybe I will like this version though.

  2. Nice photo.

    Deviled eggs are something that I'm up in the air about (sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't). Maybe it has something to do with my mood at the time.

    Add wasabi sounds interesting. I'll definitely try this out.

    It is interesting that you note that hard boiled eggs are easier to peel if they have been in the fridge for a few days. That sort of creates a problem for me, because they are more of an impulse item than anything else. I usually just end up mangling them in my impatience :)

  3. I have never met a deviled egg I didn't love! The wasabi adds great kick. In the summer I'll make them with a mix of herbs from my garden, which I think is the best treat of all.

  4. Kalyn,
    I love deviled eggs and this recipe is a definite keeper!

    You might want to also mention my Tuna Deviled Eggs.

  5. I love wasabi and deviled eggs so I am guessing I would love these.

  6. Yum! What a great combination! Have never had shrimp in deviled eggs but this sounds perfect. I'm having a party soon...perhaps I'll put these on the menu.

  7. I love deviled eggs almost as much as I love egg salad. Which is a ridiculous amount. Thanks for all these great links. And yous look beautiful. I have never done shrimp in mine, I bet they were great with the wasabi. By the by, I have had real wasabi at a good sushi joint and it tastes really different. In a wonderful way, of course. More texture to it and hotter.

  8. What a great source for deviled eggs. I love this version! Thanks for the link. I had it on my list to update my recipe and you've reminded me that I've got to get to it.

  9. Oh so many cool deviled egg recipes to try!

    My favorites are still the Grandpa Cooley's Angry ones...but that doesn't stop me from experimenting and trying new versions!

  10. Maria, my sister hates eggs of any kind, so I understand.

    Chris, thanks. The buying the eggs ahead really makes a big difference in the peeling!

    Lydia, the deviled eggs with fresh herbs sounds heavenly!

    Kevin, thanks! Added it to the list. (Meant to include that, just forgot.)

    Brenda, I did. I thought about adding a touch of soy sauce too, which might be good.

    Maggie, thanks. I think shrimp is good in just about anything!

    Melissa, I really want to try the true wasabi. Maybe in California when I visit my brother. I haven't seen it here.

    Christine, I can relate! I always have a huge list of posts I want to update. I guess it will always be like that, huh?

  11. Mrs. L., oops, didn't mean to leave you out. Those angry eggs sounded so good to me!

  12. This is a brilliantly timed post ~ my kids like to color eggs a lot more than they enjoy eating egg salad. They love deviled eggs, though, so now we're all set! Thanks!

  13. Gracious, I think I need to do deviled eggs! I'm pretty happy with wasabi in anything but this looks somehow extra good.
    That first photo is really stunning Kalyn!

  14. Hmmm...its enough to make we want to pull out that silly egg depressed devil egg dish...grin! Seriously, what a great modern take on a boring old appetizer. I love it.

  15. looks so simple and classic.

  16. Deviled eggs are probably my favorite appetizer. I could eat a dozen! I'm a fan of dill, but the idea of wasabi is really waking up my tastebuds!

  17. Fancy pants!! Shrimp in a deviled egg? I love it. I can only imagine how good these are... what a great combination. I bet crab would be good to... oooohhh, now you've got my culinary creative wheels spinning:).

  18. I have a jar of Trader Joe's wasabi mayonnaise which is WAY too strong for me. (I can handle wasabi pretty well) I think I could use it for 1/2 the mayo in the recipe.

    I LOVE eggs, egg salad and deviled eggs. I usually eat too many and have an upset stomach.

    I'd like to try these other recipes but I rarely do because the regular deviled eggs are so good but such a hassle to make, so I don't make them often. I have Dana Carpender's 500 Low Carb recipes and she has a bunch of interesting deviled eggs. I made her curry eggs and they were great. I'd like to try the tuna recipe. Anchovy deviled eggs sounds good, doesn't it?

  19. Sandy, hope you like it!

    Tanna, thanks! I'm always so critical of my own photos (and face it, some of my photos stink) but I liked this one.

    Trish, wish I had one of those egg dishes!

    Pearl, thanks!

    TW, dill with deviled eggs sounds great to me. I'm going to plant a lot more dill this year. I liked the wasabi a lot.

    Dani, yes I would love it with crab too.

    Valerie Anne, love the idea of using wasabi mayonnaise. Even easier!

  20. What a fantastic post! I love deviled eggs, though I haven't made them in a while.

    How do you find all the relevant recipes other foodbloggers have done?

  21. Ari, thanks! I use Food Blog Search to find the other recipes.

  22. We did our Easter egg coloring today so I see lots of deviled egg recipes in our future - thanks for all the recipes!

  23. I didn't know that older eggs were easier to peel. Thanks for posting this information. :)

    I've never tried Wasabi with hen eggs, only with fish eggs so this should be very interesting! :)

  24. I love devilled eggs! So thanks for the great source of all sorts of them. I might be using those soon with or after easter!

  25. I still haven't tried deviled eggs and they always look so good!

  26. Kalyn, I started a low GI diet/SB diet this week after doing WW for 18 months and reaching a standstill.

    I have found more information in your one blog than I have found in weeks of research. I just wanted to say thank you so much, your recipes are amazing and your info is clear and straightforward, I read the SB book and was getting more and more confused, but your blog is going to be my new home.

    Thank you, thank you thank you.

    Alli in UK.

  27. So many types of deviled eggs--who knew? Enough for a whole year! yum.

  28. Hi, Kalyn! I'm thrilled to see From Scratch included on your list - thank you.

    (Your brown rice dish looks amazing and is going straight to my Try Soon list.)

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  29. Cate, have fun with the colored eggs!

    Murasaki, I found out a few years ago about using older eggs, and it makes quite a difference in the peeling.

    Junglefrog, me too. I could eat deviled eggs every week.

    Kevin, you must try them! Aren't they common in Canada?

    Alli, you're so welcome. I love hearing that the blog is useful to people, that's my goal!

    Rebecca, I think the varieties are endless.

    Endless, you're welcome. I really like your blog.

  30. I'm excited about these deviled eggs as we have so many hard boiled eggs from Easter and it seems like there is only so much you can do with them. It will be wonderful to try them tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

    Mark F. Garso

  31. That sounds really good :))))
    I made yesterday shrimp stuffed avocados... I will post recipe soon but I need to make it again to take photos ;)

    Hope you had wonderful Easter!

  32. Nark, hope you like the recipe.

    Margot, I think shrimp-stuffed avocado sounds wonderful! That's getting my culinary brain thinking!

  33. Deviled eggs remind me of my childhood :) These sound lovely and so grown-up - and thanks for the tip on using the Ziploc bag!


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