Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.1.3 (Bookcases, Pantry, Window Trim and More!)

As you can see, it's pretty much still a construction zone around Chez Kalyn. Last time I reported on the progress, I was thrilled to have sheetrock, and there've been many more exciting developments since then. Above are shelves for cookbooks along the west wall of my office, which some of you already saw when I posted a sneak preview. I'm definitely excited to have these bookshelves!

Ben is doing a beautiful job on the finish work, and this shows how the top of the bookshelves fits with the molding around my ceiling. Love the lightly textured ceiling too.

Right around this time, the window trim was finished, and eventually all this wood will be painted white. This photo looks a bit odd because the house next door is getting a new roof, so besides seeing all the labels on the windows, you can see construction stuff on the roof next door!

These shelves are in the hall leading into my office from the kitchen. There's actually a doorway between the two shelves, but you can't really tell that in the photo. The larger shelf is to store blog dishes, but I haven't decided for sure what I'll use the smaller ones for. (No idea what gives the top of the photo an orange glow, but they're both the same pressed wood, to be painted white.)

On the other side of that hall there are two pantries, on either side of the doorway that leads into the tiny laundry room. Each pantry will have an upper and lower set of doors eventually. In this photo, the doorway to the left goes into my kitchen and the one on the right goes into the laundry room.

Finally, not especially exciting or fancy, but I'm having some very functional shelves and an area for hanging clothes built into the laundry room. This set of three shelves will be above the washer and dryer.
And on the other side of that little room will be this other set of shelves, with an area on the left where there'll be a rod for hanging clothes when they come out of the dryer. Believe me, when the laundry room has paint and carpet and I can have my washer and dryer moved back in, that will be a happy day!

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr or use the label House Ronovations to see all the posts.)
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  1. I am jealous - we sit at home scheming about how we can fit more shelves in - I could fill these in an instant - as I imagine you can too - I hope we get to see them full of books

  2. Is there such a thing as shelf envy? If so, I have it! I know you are waiting anxiously for the return of the washer/dryer, but I'm waiting to see the first cookbooks and dishes and pantry items go on those shelves. Each Friday night brings huge changes; it's easier for us to see that when we see photos once a week, but the progress is speedy now.

  3. I'm still waiting for our kitchen wall to get knocked out - to turn the kitchen / dining room into one larger space. Hopefully done before Gosia gives birth, I don't want all the dust and noise with a newborn in the house...

  4. It's all looking great Kalyn! I can't wait to get my blog dishes back out of storage, and the thought of having dedicated storage for them is something I've dreamed of for a long time. I envy you!


  5. Johanna, that was me too before this project. Definitely I'll show the finished project. I hope there will be some room for future cookbooks, since I doubt I'll stop buying them.

    Lydia, I do feel so lucky to have the room for cookbooks and pantry items. I'm excited as well to see things go on the shelves, especially cookbooks!

    Scott, very fun to have two exciting things to anticipate! I hope you can get it done before the baby comes.

    Jerry, thanks. I'm most excited about the idea of being able to arrange dishes in short stacks with only 2-3 in a stack. Right now when I want a dish I sometimes have to move ten off the stack to get the one I want, not fun when you're in the middle of cooking and need to take a photo!

  6. I am SO envious of your cookbook shelves. I have books piled upon books in my one small bookcase. You must be so excited to have all of that new storage space.

  7. All those wonderful shelves and the lovely grouping of windows! I'm with Lydia on the shelf envy. I just can't wait to see them with all the books and dishes. Organization and light are two of my favorite inspirations.

  8. Look at all of that shelving! I am so jealous!! Everything is looking so good!

  9. Kalyn, that looks beautiful! I don't know if I'm more envious of the bookshelves or the pantry shelves or the place to hang laundry!

    Generally I agree with Anna Quindlen: "I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves."

    However, after 4 moves in 12 years and the possibility of another one (or two) I see the value of minimalism. Books, yes, even cookbooks, are being downsized. I have a real weakness for cookbooks featuring food from the Mediterranean. So far, I'm hanging on to them, even though I rarely cook from them.

    As I've gone through them, I'm amazed not only by how many I've not used for six months, or a year or two, but didn't even remember I had. I have some in storage and I'm also stunned by how little I miss them.


  10. Washer & dryer will always make for a happy day.

  11. Carpet under the washer & dryer..never heard of that. Won't it be hard to keep clean.

  12. Cookin' Canuck, very excited indeed!

    Cora, I agree, organization and light are both very wonderful. Hopefully I will have both.

    Maria, thanks! Hopefully dinner on the deck soon.

    Sally I know what you mean and believe it or not, I did sell and give away a lot of my cookbooks a few years ago! Love the Anna Quindlen quote!

    Tanna, happy inded.

    Eileen, I had carpet under the washer and dryer before and never thought it was a problem. I'm talking about flat, low pile carpet. Just used the hose attachment to vacuum around the edges and between.

  13. Wow! You must be so excited! I bet you can't wait to start filling those shelves.... Fun summer ahead!

  14. Oh, for more shelf space, closet space, pantry space! I think I've turned green with envy, Kalyn. I hope you will let me know when your house-office-deck-warming party will be. I think Delta still flies between Arcata and SLC!

  15. Lydia- Yes, there is such a thing as shelf envy because I have it too. Big time! ;-)

    Kalyn, it's so exciting to see your new space develop. Can't wait to see it full of books and all your personal touches.

    Have fun shelving books. Will you do it systematically, or just random?

  16. Katie, I am really looking forward to filling the shelves, even if it's mostly with stuff I already own for a while!

    Christine, it's a deal! And now I have a guest room so you really must come!

    Karina, can't wait to put the books on the shelves. Other than the computer (and washer and dryer!) that's definitely the first thing I'll move in there. I'm planning to file the cookbooks by categories, but don't know exactly what those categories will be.

  17. oh my gosh kalyn - everything is coming together so nicely!

  18. Your house is going to look so nice when all the work is finished. I'll look forward to seeing all the glam pics of the finished rooms! :)

  19. I am so jealous of all your shelves! I love shelves and need lots, lots more.

  20. Wow, I am jealous of all the shelves! I love the ones in your office.

    I am a confirmed cookbook addict and really need to get more shelves to house all my lovelies.

  21. Didn't think of low or even indoor/ outdoor carpet. Living in the "Desert" everything here is hard to keep clean. Glad it is good for you.
    take care.

  22. Update: Since my last comment my daughters and I did a major cleaning and purge. I now have fewer books in my home than I've had at any time in my adult life -- less than 10 linear feet and that includes all cookbooks, knitting books and other books as well.

    I do have books in storage.

  23. Just look at those shelves!!!!

  24. Hi Kalyn,

    Wow, the house project is moving along very nicely! It looks great so far!!



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