Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Night Photos: Lunch at the New Yorker and New Restaurant Options in Utah

New Yorker SaladWith a long-awaited change to Utah liquor laws taking place on July 1, diners gained a lot of new restaurant options when fine dining establishments that had previously been private clubs became open to the public. One club I'd always been rather wowed by the few times I went there are someone's guest was The New Yorker, so when I got an invitation to try out their new fixed-price menu for lunch, it was an offer I couldn't refuse! Taking photos in dark restaurants isn't my specialty, but the beautiful salad above shows that there were some diet-friendly menu options. If you're a reader who's just starting the South Beach Diet, you may want to skip the rest of these photos, but when you're eating at one of the best restaurants in town, I believe that's the time to splurge on some things you may not normally eat.

The New Yorker is a beautiful setting, with some furnishings that came from the historic Hotel Utah, and the new fixed-price menus make it affordable at $14 for a two-course lunch or $28 for a three-course dinner. The day I was there one of the lunch choices was this delicious-looking chilled Borscht.

I opted for the Thai Beef Soup as my appetizer, which was flavorful and just slightly spicy (although not especially photogenic!) I could taste Thai basil and Thai curry paste in this soup, both flavors I love.

There are four options on the lunch choices, and this New York Steak Sandwich looked tempting. The sandwich came with a big pile of thin and crispy fries.

This was Chicken Breast Marsala with Fresh Pasta, which also looked very tasty, and came with a generous portion of mushrooms.

I opted for this Filet of Atlantic Salmon with Chive Butter Sauce and Sour Cream Whipped Potatoes. Every component of this dish was beautifully done and lick-the-plate delicious. Of course I didn't lick my plate, but since I was splurging, I enjoyed every bite.

The other lunch option was Chopped Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast, which no doubt was the most South Beach Diet friendly choice, and probably what I'd order if I went there with friends. No photos of that, since none of us ordered it.

For the fixed-price lunch, you choose either an appetizer plus entree or an entree plus dessert, so if I'd been on my own I would skipped the desserts. However, since this was a splurge I did try the Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee, and it could not have been more fabulous.

The other dessert option was this Vanilla Haagen Dazs Ice Cream with Fresh Berries, which would also make a lovely end to a delightful lunch.

Full disclosure:
Representatives of the New Yorker invited me to try their new lunch menu, and my lunch was paid for by the restaurant. I don't write actual restaurant reviews on the blog, but occasionally I do write about restaurants where I love the food. I never agree in advance to write about a restaurant in exchange for a free meal or compensation, and my policy is to only write about places where I'd happily pay myself to eat.

Restaurant Info:
Club New Yorker (now open to the public)
60 W Market St
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2103
(801) 363-0166
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  1. This looks like a fabulous restaurant! Any chance you can get the recipes for the chicken marsala, salmon, or the Tahitian creme brulee. Any one would do! Maybe I'm just hungry. Anna

  2. I've never been to The New Yorker but it sounds fabulous! Especially the old hotel decor and the creme brulee! Glad you splurged!

  3. Anna, I hope this doesn't sound like a snarky reply, but I can barely keep up with posting the recipes I'm cooking myself without trying to track down recipes for restaurant meals. You can e-mail me if you'd like and I will pass on contact info for the person who invited me to the restaurant.

    Vintage Mixer, it was really lovely. A great place for a nice lunch or dinner, and very reasonable on the fixed-price menus.


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