Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Night News: One-Page Printer Friendly Recipes on Kalyn's Kitchen

Even though I've had relatively printer friendly recipes on the blog for several years, for a while now I've wanted to make it so you could print a one-page version of any recipe. I'm happy to share the news that the printer-friend-recipe feature has been added. If you're not sure what I mean, here's an example:

If you click that link it will take you to the printer-friendly version of my latest recipe for Low-Sugar and Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins with Pecans. Of course, you can still print the full post (without header, sidebars, or photos) just as you could in the past. I'll slowly be changing over all the recipes on the blog to add the printer friendly version, but it's done manually so it will take me a few months. Be patient, and I'll work on it as much as I can!

Thanks for this new printer friendly recipe capability goes to my good friend Karina from Karina's Kitchen who spent several hours walking me through changes needed to add this feature. If you're someone who likes to print recipes on Kalyn's Kitchen, help me thank Karina by clicking over to her blog and leaving a comment! (And if you know anyone who has celiac or other food allergies, tip them off about Karina's gorgeous blog where she serves up original recipes for amazing-looking gluten-free-and-allergy-friendly food.)

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  1. Terrific! The printer friendly recipe pages look fabulous. I know your readers will love them.

  2. Thank you! I'm so inspired by this, and there are so many Kalyn's Kitchen recipes that I've bookmarked to print. It's a huge job to go back into four years of posts, so we'll be patient. Karina's blog was way ahead of the curve on offering printer-friendly recipes. Hats off to both of you.

  3. Such a great idea! I love it

  4. Kalyn,

    This is totally curiosity, but is this some that can happen auto-magically, or do you have to go back and process each recipe?


  5. Glad people like having this option.

    Susan, there are some methods where you can make it happen automatically if you want to print the entire post, but where you want to carve out just the recipe text as I'm doing every page has to be done manually. It's quick, but I'm guessing it might take me six months to do the 1,000+ recipes on Kalyn's Kitchen.

  6. I really need to figure this out for my blog! Thanks for organizing the movie and food party yesterday. It was great fun and I just love your house!

  7. Hi Kalyn,

    When I save one of your (or actually, any) recipes to my foodfile, I like to save the picture with it. Any chance you can incorporate the picture into the printer-friendly version? If not, no worries -- I'll just keep copying and pasting!


  8. I have been thinking about adding something like this for awhile. But there are just so many things to do!

    Your printer friendly pages looks great, and in fact better then lots I have seen.

  9. Maria, it was definitely fun.

    Karen, I can't include the photos, sorry. I'll spare you all the details, but it won't work and make it so I can keep the recipe on one page.

  10. That is pretty good, I didn't think of doing that myself, thanks. I have a recipe blog myself.

  11. Kalyn,

    thanks a lot for this. I love your blog and your recipes and often print them. This will make this process much easier and use much less paper.

  12. Toni and Len, so glad to hear that people like it. (I print the recipes fairly often myself, so I'll be appreciating it too!)

  13. Hooray! I just discovered you last week and am happy to see the new feature!

  14. carole with an "e" from NYCAugust 12, 2009 at 10:36 AM

    I'm a little late reacting to this, but just had to say "brava" Kalyn. Terrific addition. I am constantly printing a second page with nothing on it from so many sites. Much appreciated.

  15. Thanks to everyone for all the nice feedback on this change. I' m happy to report that all recipes from 2009 are done! (Gee only four more years to go.) Seriously, it's going pretty quickly.

  16. Kalyn, I just stumbled upon your blog through an avenue other than the Utah Food Blogger site. Somehow, I landed on the printer friendly page. Such a nice feature. I just finished indexing all of my recipes. I have only been blogging a year, but it still took me a while to complete! thanks for this. It's a great project!

  17. Si, you're welcome. I'm now done with all of 2008 and 2007 recipes, almost 500 recipes so far. It's going pretty quickly though, and I'm loving the printer friendly pages!

  18. Kalyn - I LOVE your blog!!! The printer friendly feature is wonderful. I'm so glad I found your blog. You have so many recipes I want to try. I like the fact you add pictures. You are doing alot of work for alot of people. THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  19. Theresa, thanks! I print the recipes a lot myself, so I'm enjoying it too. I have about 80% of the printer-friendly recipes done I think, probably will be done in a few weeks.

  20. Hello Kalyn!
    I am a brand new FAN to Kalyn's Kitchen and am SO impressed with your recipes, ideas, hints and the candor you use in communicating! I'm starting phase one on South Beach tomorrow (had wonderful experience 5 yrs ago with SB but find myself needing it again).

    I almost hate to ask this because I know you spend a LOT of time on this wonderful web site BUT do you have plans in the near future for a recipe box where your fans can 'move' recipes to a link on your page to store those recipes we want to try soon, but just don't want to print them all right now?

    Or do you already have that link and I just don't see it in the recipe delirious state I'm in???

  21. Carol, I don't have any plans for a feature like that. I don't think it's something I could create with the blogging software I use. However, there are a lot of options online that will allow you to do that. I personally use a bookmarking site called to save bookmarks, and I know some people who use SpringPad. Either of those would let you save recipes you want to remember.

  22. Thank you so much for your printer friendly recipes. I started SBD again 2 weeks ago - just starting phase II. I did the SBD about 6 six years ago and lost 9 pounds during phase I. Now that I've turned 50, I'm finding it so much harder - have only lost 3 pounds. I'm leary of starting phase II, I'm excersing 30 min. 3x/week, doing treadmill with weights and yoga. Would really like this chubby around the middle to go away! Any suggestions?

  23. Anonymous, I have no way of knowing why the diet works differently for some people, but I was well over 50 when I lost the 42 pounds. I'd try to exercise 6 times a week, and maybe stay on phase one for a few more weeks.

  24. HI Kalyn,

    I have been on your blog for a few weeks and saw the post about printing. I am a food blogger also and am looking for a print feature. Can you help?

    Mary @

  25. Mary, I can only tell you that my recipe print pages are stored on a separate blog which has a blank template and "no print" tags for the sidebars, and each recipe is posted there and then manually linked back to the post on Kalyn's Kitchen. Other than that explanation, I can't really give you any help doing it (I don't know exactly how to make the template blank or do the "no print" tags myself.)


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