Friday, November 13, 2009

Five Fun Things on Friday (11-13-09)

Drop in and DecorateIt's Friday night, which makes most people happy, and I'm especially happy this Friday because tomorrow we're having a big Denny family party for my dad's 84th birthday. Before I get too busy celebrating, I want to share five fun things I've spotted this week, including Drop in and Decorate, the story behind this logo that you may have noticed popping up on a lot of blogs lately.

Fun Thing #1: Drop In and Decorate
Drop in and Decorate is the simple but profound idea of my blogging friend Lydia to encourage people hold cookie decorating parties and then deliver the cookies to shelters, rest homes, hospitals, or other locations where people will appreciate a delivery of hand-decorated cookies. Someone attending a Drop in and Decorate event will decorate the 10,000th cookie this season, which translates to 10,000 people who've been cheered by a brightly decorated cookie (so far!) You can read more about Drop in and Decorate at Lydia's blog, or find out how to hold a party at the Drop in and Decorate site. (And don't wait too long, because if you hurry, Lydia has sponsors who can provide cookie-cutters or coupons for discounts on cookie-baking supplies.)

Fun Thing #2: Kiwi Berries
Speaking of cookies, the second fun thing that caught my eye came from the blog Tea and Cookies, where Tea (another blogging friend!) introduced her readers to Kiwi Berries. I'm going to make you visit her blog to find out about Kiwi Berries, but I promise you will be charmed! (Now I'm obsessed with trying to figure out how I can get some to try myself.)

Fun Thing #3: Raising Chickens!
I'm not going to start raising chickens since it's probably not even allowed where I live in the middle of Salt Lake City, but I'm loving the guides to chicken-keeping on Mostly Eating. Check out A Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens: Part 1 and A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Chickens: Part 2 if you want to see just what's involved in raising your own chicks! (Great chicken photos too!)

Fun Thing #4: Another Reason to Live by the Ocean
I'm guessing that many of you have heard of getting vegetables delivered by a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but would you believe me if I said you can also sign up for weekly deliveries of fish from a Community Supported Fish Co-Op (CSF)? Tammy from Food on the Food can tell you more about Something Fishy. (As if you needed another reason to want to live by the ocean!)

Fun Thing #5: The Year of the Brussels Sprout?
Most of you probably know that I also write about food for a site called BlogHer, something that requires me to make an effort at keeping up with what other food bloggers are writing about. As I was keeping track of what side dishes people are cooking for Thanksgiving this year, I realized food bloggers everywhere are taking brussels sprouts for a trial run. Even if you previously haven't been a fan of the little green mini-cabbages, these are some drool-worthy brussels sprouts recipes that might make you reconsider. (Be sure to check the comments, and if you have a good brussels sprouts recipe, do share!)

So those are my five fun things from this week. We can all use more fun in our lives, so if you have something fun to share from the week, please share with a link in the comments.  counter customizable free hitIf you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I've shared on other Fridays!
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  1. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about Drop In & Decorate; it's due to support from food blogging friends like you that we're growing so quickly! More than 30 events will be going on around the country in the next few weeks, with thousands of cookies donated. Wouldn't it be fun if one of your readers decorated and donated the 10,000th cookie?

  2. I saw kiwi berries at Sam's last weekend.

  3. Kalyn,
    My father turned 85 in August. He (and my mother, who's the same age) are bewildered at having lived so long.

  4. How wonderful to keep celebrating birthdays. I love the idea of a CSF. I'm not close enough to the ocean here on the east coast but if I were, I would join in on this. Great idea. I love how we are supporting our neighbors and keeping it local.

  5. You can keep chickens. Think fresh eggs. I've thought about it. I'm still thinking.

  6. Lydia, that would be so great if #10,000 was one of my readers! But pretty exciting no matter who is turns out to be!

    Jan, I don't shop at Sams, but maybe that means there is hope that Costco will get them!

    Kevin, my dad has Parkinsons and he's struggling physically and mentally but he's still the best dad ever!

    Diane, we have fun! I agree, would love to have a CSF if I lived by the ocean.

    Brooke, how about if you raise the chickens and I'll buy eggs from you? (Brooke is my neighbor, for anyone who's wondering!)

  7. Kalyn... tell your Dad I said happy birthday. If only we could get our Dad's together to share some of their similar experiences growing up in the depression, going to war as young men, and then making it back--safe--to raise families. Hope your party was fun.

  8. Gwen, thanks. It was a nice party. My sister who lives in Central Utah couldn't come because of the snow, but the rest of the family that lives close enough were mostly all there.

  9. Thanks for linking to my chicken post Kalyn - I hope it's helpful to somebody out there thinking about getting their own chooks. We've just been away on holiday and I've missed our three little feathery chatterboxes terribly!

  10. Sophie, maybe it will inspire my neighbor to get chickens and I can get fresh eggs from her!

  11. According to your current city code regarding keeping chickens, you are allowed up to 25.

  12. I love the five fun things feature.

  13. Nate, 25 CHICKENS!! No thanks. I can't imagine myself giving up part of my garden space for chicken coops, and the one space where I could put them is already destined to become a shed/greenhouse next summer.

    CJ, thanks. I'm having fun finding them.

  14. Hey, thanks for the link to the fishies. Also, I think the Drop In & Decorate event is a GREAT idea. Thanks for making me aware!

  15. Tammy, isn't it just the best idea ever? That Lydia is a brilliant woman!


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