Friday, March 05, 2010

Five Fun Things on Friday (3-5-10)

tomato soup
by Lydia of Soup Chick

Friday night again, and it's time for another round-up of fun and news items I thought were fun this week. If you have something fun to share, we'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Fun Thing #1: Lydia Has a New Blog About Soup!
I still remember years ago when I discovered The Perfect Pantry, a delightful blog about ingredients written by Lydia Walshin, a food writer from Rhode Island. Now fast forward about four years, Lydia and I are great friends, and she has a new blog all about soup. If you'd like to discover a fun new blog, go and visit Soup Chick and tell Lydia I sent you.

Fun Thing #2: The Provo Daily Herald Interviews Me About Superfoods!
When I started blogging I certainly never dreamed that people would be interviewing me, but it's always fun when it happens, especially when there's a local connection. Recently Cody Clark from Utah's Provo Daily Herald interviewed me for an article with the fun title It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Quinoa! And 12 Other Superfoods. Check it out for ideas on how to get more nutritious foods into your diet.

Fun Thing #3: Tips for PR People from 5 Second Rule
It must have been a bad week for PR pitches, because after I got a particularly silly offer I wrote on Twitter, "Dear National Brand, Why would I want to create a recipe/photo for your site and then link to it from my blog FOR FREE?" and then Cheryl from 5 Second Rule made me laugh out loud with a post called 5 Friendly Tips for Seducing Bloggers. If you're a blogger, don't miss this!

Fun Thing #4: Nurse Nut Picks Me for Top 50 Blogs to Help You Live Healthy
The internet is full of lists like this, and truthfully I don't usually pay much attention to them, but I'm pleased to be among some rather good company on the list from Nurse Nut of Top 50 Blogs to Help You Live Healthy. You may find some good new reads on this list if you're interested in healthy living.

Fun Thing #5: Things to Say To Your Children
One blogger I've admired for a long time is Barbara from Winos and Foodies and her list of Things to Say To Your Children was spot-on. If you're a parent, print that list and put it on your fridge. (And the retro photos of Barbara, her husband, and kids are pretty fun too.)

That's it for now, but if you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I've shared on other Fridays!
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  1. What a fun list, Kalyn! I love the concept of Lydia's new blog - who doesn't love soup and more soup?! I'm looking forward to checking out the other links you provided.

  2. I always look forward to your Five Fun Things on Friday posts -- it's such a great idea and a great way to celebrate the end of the work week -- and what a treat to find my new blog on your list! Thank you so much. I hope your readers will stop by and say hello.

  3. Kalyn,thank you so much for including me on your Friday list. I am honoured, and touched by your kind words. Congratulations for making the Top 50 list on The Nurse Nut.Well deserved.

  4. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing your fun week with us.

  5. I love your new little header things all the little hearts - way cute!

  6. This was indeed a fun friday list! I did not read this until Satday morning, but it kept me engaged for my entire morning coffee duration (which is saying something, because my coffee duration ranges an hourish!). Very much enjoyed reading about the superfoods, healthy blogs lists and ofcourse the soup blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am loving Lydia's new site. I am a big soup lover:) Congratulations on your article and for making the Top 50! Have a great weekend.

  8. Yes, thanks, Kalyn, for the shoutout. Much obliged!

  9. I love your blog being classified as a place for healthy recipes in the Nurse Nut list instead of specifically "south beach". Because healthy eating exactly what's here and exactly why I hang around whether I'm south beaching or not.

  10. all too funny... love these catch ups

  11. Not sure which I like better - the soup of the list. We're back to soup weather here, which I don't like at all! Bon weekend!

  12. Kalyn, just love your Friday posts and everything about your blog! You lead me to such interesting people, places, and things. Thanks a bunch!


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