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Recipe for Roasted Kale Chips with Sea Salt and Vinegar

Roasted Kale Chips with Sea Salt and VinegarCountless other food bloggers have started out their post on kale chips saying "Why did it take me so long to make kale chips?" so I'll spare you that lament and just say that now that I've finally made roasted kale chips myself, I certainly see what all the fuss is about. Not only are they full of nutritious goodness, but roasted kale chips are delicious. If you don't believe these roasted crispy kale leaves can be that special, just check my list after the recipe to see how many other bloggers have raved about them.

When I finally decided I had to try making kale chips myself, I found there were endless variations on the recipe, with different cooking times and slightly different methods. I can be rather a perfectionist, so I had to test 6 slightly different versions before I came up with the recipe I liked best, where the kale chips are roasted for a longer time at a fairly low temperature. I wanted to make salt and vinegar chips, since those are some of my favorite flavors, and I found I liked the kale best when the salt was added after roasting. I didn't think my final kale chips were my most photogenic batch, and I don't know if adding the vinegar made the kale chips turn more brown, but I didn't care how photogenic they were because I loved the taste. Anyway, there is certainly no one perfect way to make kale chips, but this is how I did it.

Start with a lovely bunch of curly kale. This was about six ounces, and since I was roasting it in my toaster oven (before the new stove arrived) that was just the right amount to fit on a small cookie sheet.

Cut away the inner ribs and discard, and then tear the kale leaves into same-size pieces. (I made my pieces about the size of a small potato chip.)

Here's how many pieces I got from the 6 oz. bunch of kale in the top photo.

I washed my kale in a salad spinner, and then spun it dry over and over, until the leaves were dry. If you don't have a salad spinner, I'd use paper towels to dry the leaves.

I used olive oil, Spanish sherry vinegar, and sea salt to flavor the chips, but I think any type of salt and vinegar that you like the flavor of would be fine.

I wanted to "massage" the kale leaves with olive oil to be sure they were well-coated, so I put the chips into a Ziploc bag, added half the olive oil, squished it around, added the rest of the oil, and then massaged some more.

Then I sprinkled in the vinegar, closed the bag, and shook it until the drops of vinegar were well-distributed on the kale pieces.

In all the directions, probably the most important thing is to arrange the kale pieces in a single layer on the pan so they aren't crowded when they cook. Here are my kale pieces when they started out in the 300F/150C oven.

Here are the chips after they roasted for 10 minutes.

This is how they looked after 20 minutes.

A little more crispy after 30 minutes.

I let them cook five minutes more for a total of 35 minutes roasting time. Sprinkle with sea salt and eat immediately!

Roasted Kale Chips with Sea Salt and Vinegar
(Makes 2-3 servings of kale chips, recipe adapted by Kalyn with inspiration from many other bloggers who also made kale chips.)

one small bunch of kale, about 6 oz.
1 T extra-virgin olive oil
1 T vinegar (I used Spanish sherry vinegar, but any vinegar you like the flavor of will work)
sea salt to taste

Preheat oven to 300F/150C.

Cut away inner ribs from each kale leaf and discard, then tear the kale leaves into same-size pieces. (I made my pieces about the size of a small potato chip.) Wash torn kale pieces and spin dry in a salad spinner or dry with paper towels until they're very dry.

Put kale pieces into a large Ziploc bag (or use a bowl if you don't mind getting your hands oily.) Add half of the 1 T of olive oil, seal bag, and squeeze the bag so the oil gets distributed evenly on the kale pieces. Add the other half tablespoon of oil and squeeze the bag more, until all kale pieces are evenly coated with oil and slightly "massaged."

Open the Ziploc bag and sprinkle the 1 T sherry vinegar over the kale leaves, then seal bag and shake to spread the vinegar out over all the leaves.

Arrange kale leaves in a single layer on a baking sheet, then roast until they are mostly crisp, about 35 minutes. I checked every 10 minutes or so and turned some pieces over. I also found I didn't mind if there were a few softer parts on some of the kale leaves, I liked the combination of crisp and softer parts.

When chips are done to your liking, sprinkle with a generous amount of sea salt and eat immediately.

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South Beach Suggestions:
Dark leafy greens have more nutrition per calorie than any other food source, and these roasted kale chips are a perfect snack for any phase of the South Beach Diet or any type of low-glycemic eating plan.

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  1. I'm an everyday reader of your blog. Thank you SO much for the wonderful writing and excellent recipes.

    I recently tried kale chips (and fell in love with them, too) on a menu my husband and I call "Dinner and a Movie." Every Sunday, we pick a movie and new recipes to make sure we start the week right.

    Here's my kale chip recipe, along with "Meatza Pie."

  2. Now I'm off to the market to buy kale! After reading several posts in the past few days about these chips, your post and gorgeous photos have put me over the edge and I'm developing a real craving. I'm only afraid that I will fall in love with them and eat them all before anyone else has a chance to share!

  3. Melissa, thanks so much, and thanks for sharing your kale chips. Going to check them out now.

    Lydia, I promise you will like them! They aren't even a tiny bit bitter. So tasty.

  4. I haven't blogged about making kale chips, but I have Tweeted about it. A lot! Just ask @chezus and @wearsmanyhats - we were like the kale-chip gospel! I have made these oodles of times - and found that my favorite type of kale to use is what my farmer calls "dinosaur" kale. It probably has a fancier and more scientific name, but that's how we have come to know it. The leaves are a little thicker and roast beautifully. I'd imagine that I'd be able to afford the new camera lens I've been eyeing if I earned commission on helping my farmer sell his kale for chips at the farmer's market :-)

  5. I have been seeing this roasted kale chips recipe so many times, and I was intrigued but never enough to try to make it myself (I don't know, I guess the same feeling of what the fuss is about) but now seeing it again on your blog has tipped me over to the point of picking up kale soon to make these. They look delicious.

  6. I make them too, and I love them. They always feel like too good to be true.

    I will have to try at a lower temperature and longer cooking next time!

  7. I made them for the first time this week too -- and I also see what all the hooplah is about. Good tasting and good for you.

  8. Love Kale. Can't seem to find it in New Zealand though.

  9. I made kale chips, but for some reason have not posted about it (yet). I followed Jaden's recipe and found that some of my leaves were a bit soggy after cooking the suggested time (12-22 minutes)at 350. So, I let them cook longer in a turned off oven and they dried out nicely without turning brown. I think your idea of the longer cooking time and lower temperature is a good one, and I also want to try adding the vinegar. My husband turned up his nose at first when I served this, but then he was fighting me over the last pieces!

  10. I love kale chips too!!!
    Here's my post on them with my recipe:

    Keep up the great work Kalyn!

    Georgie Fear RD

  11. It's great to see the step-by-step photos, since I've had a little trouble getting my head around making kale chips. I will put this on my list, especially as the "kalestrom" begins with the new growing season.

  12. Did someone say salt and vinegar? That flavor combination is my favorite on chips. I, too, have seen all of the raves by various food bloggers about kale chips, but haven't tried them myself. Now you have made me terribly curious!

  13. I've been meaning to make these forever (because I see them about once a week on tastespotting) and actually had them on my menu plan a week or two ago but never got to it... now I HAVE to do it this weekend. I love the addition of vinegar, I don't think I've seen anyone else do that :D

  14. Oh. My. God.

    Perfect for leftover Kale, too!

    I hadn't heard of this, and I can not wait to try it! I'm going to try malt vinegar... YUM!

  15. I have seen so soo many recipes for kale chips! Ive always been nervous to make then, im definitely going to make them soon! They look delicious though!

    Im new to blogging check out my blog if you have a chance. [im also having a give away!]

  16. I have tried these before without the vinegar and they were bitter. I'm anxious to try them again with your recipe. I love the salt and vinegar combination.

  17. My farmer cousin advised me on making this a few years ago -- I called it Crispy Roasted Kale and we really liked it. For ours, we use Russian Kale, which my family enjoys best. If you do it in a 400 degree oven with no overlap, it's done in about 15 minutes...


    Here's my version:

  18. Sarah, I had never thought of making this with Red Russian Kale (which is going to be in my garden this year for sure!) Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  19. I'm just so in love with these! I never make less than a pound of kale at a time because my kids will fight for the bowl of chips ~ and they are teenagers. I'll even make these for their friends . . . they always disappear. I'm thinking about putting in a kale bed this spring just to keep us supplied!

    Your pics do these wonderful chips justice ~ delicious! And thanks so much for giving my post a shout-out!

    Sandy of Eat Real

  20. Yes! I recently joined the kale chip fan club too! Aren't they so delicious? And healthy too!!!

  21. OK but one question, what does it taste like??

    (besides good)

  22. Roberta in ToledoMarch 4, 2010 at 4:44 AM

    Kalyn: Could you use Swiss Chard instead of Kale? I'm putting in a bed of Swiss Chard this spring, so...I kinda have a self-ish interest here!

  23. You've convinced me, Kalyn! Tho I love, love, love kale, the idea of chips was a little odd to me. Thank you !

  24. The kale chips taste like kale, but with that quality that roasted vegetables get where they're sweeter and a little milder in flavor, and of course these taste a bit like vinegar and salt. Really they are so flavorful.

    I saw a blogger who had used this idea with swiss chard, so I think it would work, but I'm guessing the roasting time is less. I think I'll try that with swiss chard myself!

  25. I've been hearing about them everywhere myself and am about to jump on the bandwagon because I love chips. I love how you tried so many recipes to "perfect" the recipe. Thanks!

  26. Debbi, I'm definitely not claiming my version is "perfect" because I think it's a matter of taste, but I definitely liked them best when they still had a few softer spots.

  27. Funny, kale chips seem to be all the rage so we made some last week. While I was in the office upstairs, Liz turned off the kitchen timer, forgetting that we had kale chips in the oven so they got burned. I'm ready to try again and I love the vinegar idea. My 17-year-old daughter loves salt and vinegar potato chips so maybe she'll like these. Do they keep well enough so you could eat them the next day?

  28. Janice, I haven't tried keeping them but in the comments here someone said they don't keep well. (Okay, I confess I gobbled mine all up each time I made them, even on the reject batches.)

  29. Here's my very simple recipe for kale chips.

    Next time I'll have to try your lower heat/slower cooking method!

  30. You have totally inspired me to make a version of green chips. I might try swiss chard (per your suggestion). I could use a new tasty savory snack. Thanks, Kalyn!

  31. I discovered this last fall. I think I like the chewy olive oil oversaturated leaves better than the crispy, kind-of-burnt leaves. Each batch I make gives me a little of both. I like it with balsamic vinegar. It feels like guilt free snacking. I wonder how much of the vitamins are preserved? Your recipe is lower heat, so that helps. At least, they are absorbable because of the olive oil.

  32. ValerieAnne, that's exactly why I decided I preferred a lower temperature because I didn't especially like the overly crisp leaves that I got when I used high temps. I agree, the olive oil saturated slightly chewy parts are the best!

  33. I really have to see what all the fuss is about now! I'll have to go get some kale and try out your recipe. Thanks!

  34. I always make these in the fall when my CSA keeps bombarding me with kale!

  35. When I roast brussel sprouts, there are always a few 'chip' leaves that are sooooooo yummy.

    I will have to try this recipe!


  36. WOW, what a surprise! Thanks for the shout out on your post!

    We love Kale chips .... reminds me I need to make them again soon!!

  37. With all the kale that grows in my garden, which rock have I been hiding under to not know about kale chips? I do now, thanks to you.

  38. clearly the increasing amounts of time i'm spending offline means i missing out on these new discoveries!

    everyone else might have heard of it, but i had no idea. thanks for posting about it and spreading the word.

    i'm off to buy kale and starting crunching away.

  39. Kalyn - I recently made kale chips for the first time too, a few weeks ago. I love your version, salt & vinegar are my favorite as well. I made a mustard version, but didn't write about them. Now I will so I can add to your list!

    p.s. yours look delicious.

  40. I've held out on making kale chips since kale isn't a favorite with my family, but I'm seriously tempted by this salt and vinegar version. I might have to try a small batch and do a mystery taste test to get my finicky eaters to try it!

  41. Just... wow. Sometimes I miss a hot trend (I think I am a year behind the no-knead bread... but I finally made it!). The kale chips will enter my kitchen as soon as I leave my house to go buy kale! More leafy greens sound like a fantastic plan---esp. now that I am eating more bread;)

  42. Kalyn, I made these tonight, and they're very fragile! Did I overbake them, or is that how they're supposed to be? I used my convection oven, and set it at 250, since I usually use a setting 50 degrees lower if I'm using convection. I can't even pick one up without it crumbling. The ones I have managed to get in my mouth are tasty, but I can't taste the vinegar at all (I used sherry vinegar), and the salt really didn't stick to them because they were so dry. Any hints?


  43. I wouldn't use convection to bake these, because they can easily get too dried out even with regular baking. If you can't pick one up without them falling apart, yes they are definitely overbaked. I like them best when there is still a tiny bit of chewiness to the kale, so that's why I checked every ten minutes until they were done to my liking. I'd try again without convection and bake for a shorter time.

  44. At my local farmers market there is a stall that sells something very similar which tastes great, but has a pretty price! I am so glad to find this recipe, Kalyn. btw, it might interest you to know that they sell their crunchy kale in different flavors. As a recent Kale fan (but a longer Kalyn fan, haha) I must (*must*) try this.

  45. Thanks! Always glad to hear from Kalyn fan! I'm intrigued by the idea of a vendor selling kale chips in different flavors!

  46. I made these and sprinkled on a spice mix of salt, garlic, black pepper, and paprika. Delicious!

  47. Andrea I love the idea of using paprika and garlic on the kale chips! Thanks for sharing.

  48. Just popped a batch into the oven. Can't wait to try them!

  49. Hi Kalyn. I made Kale Chips (or crisps to us) from your instructions and here is their photo. I have Twittered a link to your blog to a few people so you may get some hits via me (@clairetweet).

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I grow lots of kale cos I love it but this is a gret way to use up the bigger leaves. May put it in a blog post soon and if so I will let you know.

  50. These were phenomenal - what an amazing recipe. I am on day 8 of South Beach and made these this afternoon. They were so fabulous and my KIDS ate some too!! I never would have guessed kale chips could taste so good. I made a couple of your other south beach recipes over the weekend - fantastic!!!

  51. Crafty Mom, so glad you're enjoying the recipes.

  52. I made my first batch of kale chips today, we grow a ton of kale and sell it at a local farmers market. A customer gave me her method.. and I looked up a bunch of variations online before I tried mine.
    Vinegar is definitely a must with greens, I used a balsamic syrup.. which added a sweetness and stuck to the chips. 15 minutes at 350 gave me good results. I can't believe how good they were. Thanks for the tips!

  53. Mainemomma, love the idea of using balsamic syrup on these. Sounds like I should try a higher temperature and see how I like it.

  54. I made these with the first of a winters-worth of CSA kale tonight. I've found a new midnight snack -- and it's got nutritional value. Score! :)

  55. Dolores, so glad you liked it.

  56. I love these chips. What is the best way to store them to eat later? So the crispiness stays for longer.

  57. Mary, I'm not sure there is a way to keep them crisp for later. If so, I don't know what it is because I haven't tried storing them.

  58. Omg, I absolutely LOVE these! Thanks so much for your recipes Kalyn. I don't think I could survive South Beach without you! May I share this recipe on my blog, as long as I link back to your page? Forgive me if this is improper. I'm new at blogging and am not sure of the etiquette. This is my blog:

  59. Takeelah, I'm glad to know you're enjoying the blog. I'm not sure what you mean by "share" this recipe. I don't permit people to cut and paste my recipes and photos together and post them in other places (most bloggers don't allow that.) However you're welcome to re-write the recipe in your own words and post it with your own photo. You can also use a thumbnail of my photo and post it with a link to the recipe, as long as the recipe is not re-posted with the photo.

    Thanks for asking!

  60. OMG yum. I did 1 tsp vinegar, 1/2 tsp olive oil. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, salt and serve. Delish!

    (Next time I'm going to mix the oil & vinegar with a little sriracha before mixing with the kale.)

    Another winner K :)

  61. Erika, I just love the idea of a touch of Sriracha in this! Glad you liked it.

  62. I LOVE kale and eat it several times a week. I had yet to try kale chips and after seeing this recipe with the vinegar I had to try it. I followed the recipe exactly. I am very disappointed to say I don't think I will ever try kale chips again. I don't think it is has anything to do with the recipe though .. maybe just my taste buds! All I can taste and smell is burnt cabbage and they weren't burnt. It looks like I am alone in that thought unless other people just don't post their dislikes. Sorry .. at least I can say I tried them though.

  63. Anonymous, I do think the timing of them is rather tricky, and they can quite easily get overdone, I only enjoy them when they still have a bit of chewiness. No worries though; maybe they just aren't for you.

  64. This is one bandwagon I need to hop onto. And how exciting that the L.A. Times linked to your recipe and featured one of your great photos!

  65. Thanks Lisa, and yes I was definitely excited to have it featured in the LA Times. Here is that link for Kalyn's Kale Chips at L.A. Times online if anyone wants to see it!

  66. I just recently made these kale chips and linked back to your blog post, thanks for the inspiration!

  67. A long overdue thank you for including me in your list of folks who have included kale chip recipes on their blog. (In my case, my very first blog entry, perhaps not surprising given its name).

    I stumbled on your post as I looked for links to send a friend who wants to make her own baked kale. My, does she have a lot of variations on a theme to choose from.

  68. Sarah, my pleasure. Isn't it fun to see all the kale chips variations?

  69. I just made these and they were delicious! I used cavolo nero ( which seems to be the only kale I've been able to find in Australia) and gobbled them all up. The best way and the only way I'll be eating it from now on.

  70. Sabrina, so glad you enjoyed them!

  71. Oh, Kale! What's not to love? But I also make chips from large spinach leaves (baby spinach just shatters!) and swiss chard, mustard greens, collards, beet greens, radicchio.....

    My favorite kale recipe though has got to be with 5 spice powder and soy sauce & olive oil... sigh! Gonna have to make some tonight!

  72. Here's the more accurate link to my recipe:

    (The link I posted prior was my general blog link by mistake.)


  73. Thanks Christina! I deleted the old comment so people don't get mixed up.

  74. Thanks for the idea to cook them longer at a lower temp---I usually do the opposite. It's also key to roast kale when it's very fresh---once it's a bit old, it will taste bitter when roasted.

    1. Have you eaten kale before? I am guessing it's the bitterness of the kale you're tasting. It's an acquired taste for sure, but that's how it should taste. You could try a milder type of greens like collards.

  75. does anyone think there is a weird after taste? is there a way to eliminate it?

  76. I've never heard of kale chips. LOL. I have a garden this year (square foot raised beds with about 300 squares) and we have 6 squares with Kale. I found this hunting down recipes for my beautiful kale. It looks interesting. I'd like to make this as a side dish rather than a snack. What do you think would go well with it? Thanks for your awesome blog! I send people links to your website ALL THE TIME!!!

  77. Have fun with the garden! Really I think this would go with just about anything except maybe things with really strong flavors.

  78. I made these and my husband made a face (that face that says, are you kidding me?) but they were so easy and so delicious! feels like eating potato chips!

  79. I linked your site to my blog post "What the Kale?" Your site convinced me to stick that stuff in the oven and try it. Thank you!

  80. I've made kale chips before! I've never tried it with vinegar before. I have a bag of kale in the fridge that I'm tempted to try this right now!

    That's my simple kale chip recipe:

    Thank you for sharing your kale chips recipe. I'm excited to try it out. I like your spreading the olive oil on it method.

  81. I love kale chips. This is my first try at a real "flavor". I tried it with garlic infused rice wine vinegar and you couldn't taste the vinegar :( I'm not sure if that was because of my choice in vinegars.

  82. I think rice vinegar is much milder in flavor than the one I used.


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