Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Photos: The Other Place Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Other Place Restaurant in Salt Lake CityI finally remembered to take a camera along when I visited The Other Place Restaurant in Salt Lake City, which has been one of my favorite inexpensive Greek-American eateries for a long time. Both times I was with other South Beach Diet fans, and we were going for lunch. The Other Place Lunch Menu has some nice South Beach Diet friendly choices, and if you're a South Beach follower who's not in Salt Lake, you still may get some good ideas about what to order in a Greek-American restaurant where you live.

The first time I went with my friend Bonnie and I order the Mezedakia plate in the top photo, which has pieces of marinated pork, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes (hidden in the photo) and a couple of Dolmathes (which you can skip if you're doing phase one.)

Bonnie had the Special House Chicken Salad. She asked them to go easy on the onions, because it normally comes with a pretty generous amount!

The second time I was with my sister Sandee and sister-in-law Lisa. Sandee and I split the Greek Salad (again without onions.) This was so tasty even though good tomatoes aren't really even in season yet.

Sandee and I split the Mezedakia Plate this time (and you can see evidence of tomatoes peeking through in this photo.) We sent the Dolmathes home with Lisa for my brother Mark!

Lisa had the Pork Souvlaki plate, which came with this salad that I forgot to take a photo of until she had eaten half of it!

Lisa skipped the french fries and ordered the Souvlaki with vegetables, making it a very South Beach friendly lunch. The Other Place has huge portions, so for both these meals we took at least half the food home for lunch the next day!

The Other Place Restaurant
469 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 521-6567

Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Blogger Disclosure:
The Other Place Restaurant doesn't know I am writing about their restaurant (although they did wonder why I was taking pictures), and I paid for my meals myself for both of these visits.I don't really write restaurant "reviews" but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I've had great meals.
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  1. Here's another restaurant to add to my must-try list. You always manage to find the hole-in-the-wall places with great food.

  2. The Other Place is owned by some very nice friends of mine and everyone should go check it out!

  3. Awesome photos! I don't get out that way much but it's still great to see pictures, thanks!

  4. Holy cow- All these years of reading Kalyn's Kitchen, and THIS is the post that forces me to respond for the first time. I'll come to Utah simply to be able to partake at The Other Place for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. A menu to die for! PS Thanks, Kalyn, for your great blog and fantastic recipes. You're one talented woman!

  5. So glad to see these photos of the great food we ate; they make me want to have that salad again right now!

  6. How fun hearing from people who have eaten here or want to, and especially fun hearing from someone who knows the owners. Brooke I hope you'll let them know how much I've enjoyed the food there.

  7. This looks like a great place to go and not have to stress about what one can and cannot eat. Hopefully I'll get to try it sometime. Thanks for the post, Kalyn!

  8. I've never eaten there and it's not likely that I will, but I have to comment on the wonderful variation of colors in this food. Wow, it looks gorgeous. Good photos! And if I ever am in Salt Lake wondering where to eat, I'll know where to go!

  9. I have been craving Greek food, which, sadly, is hard to find in L.A. Now I'm REALLY craving it! Beautiful photos, Kalyn!

  10. I live in Hermosa Beach, CA and come to Utah at least 5 times a year to ski and play in summer. I love reading your restaurant reviews. So far I have Taramahura and The other Place on my list of places to go this August when I will be there. Any others you recommend? Love your blog!! I cook your recipes weekly!

  11. Hilary, check the sidebar for the section "Eating Out and About" where there's a link for Salt Lake City restaurants. I only write about restaurants I love, so all my favorites are featured there.

    Have fun in Utah!

  12. I've been there once but obviously tried the wrong things because what you ordered looks delicious and I thought my food was just okay. I'll have to go back now.

  13. please change the adrress for the other place restaurant from 300 east 300 south to 469 east 300 south

  14. Anonymous, thanks for catching that mistake!


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