Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Night Photos: Tarahumara Restaurant in Midway Utah

Tarahumara Restaurant Salsa BarA few weeks ago my good friend Pat drove me to Midway, Utah (near Park City) where she took me to a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Tarahumara. The restaurant is named for a group of indigenous people from northern Mexico, and the food here was definitely something special, starting with this very interesting salsa bar.

Normally I try to avoid the chips when I have Mexican food, but truly I couldn't pass up a chance to try some of those fabulous salsas.

Pat opted for the shrimp tacos, with a big green salad on the side. The shrimp tacos were outstanding.

I strayed from my diet for the occasion, with shrimp and carnitas tacos, with rice and beans. (Please do not call the South Beach Diet police! I definitely didn't eat all of this food, but what I did eat was certainly tasty.)

They did have an interesting looking display of Mexican sweets, but we managed to avoid ordering any of those.

Tarahumara is a casual restaurant, where you order from the counter and they call you when the food is ready, but don't imagine for a second that this is a fast-food experience. If you're in the Salt Lake City or Park City area, this is a restaurant that's worth making a special trip for. The prices were low, the service was great, and the food was really excellent.

In 2008, Tarahumara was picked Best Mexican Restaurant in the Salt Lake City Magazine Dining Awards, as reported by the Deseret News.

Tarahumara Mexican Food and Drinks
380 East Main Street
Midway, Utah 84032
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  1. This is now on my list. I love great Mexican food and these pictures look like it was great.

  2. The salsa bar looks fabulous! Your pictures are wonderful, in rich color.

  3. Whitney, it was really good, and a great family place due to the casual atmosphere.

    Nupur, the salsas were amazing. We wanted to try them all. Thanks for the compliment on the photos; taking pictures in restaurants is still a challenge for me, but we were by the window this time, which helps!

  4. Ohhhh! Lovely. I am growing chillies for the first time this spring! I was craving something spicy last night and we ordered Sri Lankan, lol.

  5. Kalyn: Oh, I couldn't believe your post! We were just talking about this place last week, when we were out in Park City. My middle son and I just both finished reading the bestseller "Born to Run" about the Tarahumara people in Mexico. We saw this place advertised in a publication in Park City and we were dying to go and then saw it was actually in SLC! We didn't get to go, but I loved reading your post. The food looks great.

  6. Elle,never had Sri Lankan food that I can remember; that sounds intriguing.

    Italian Dish, it's actually much closer to Park City than it is to Salt Lake, about ten miles I'd guess, farther east. It's a charming place if you ever get out here again. Hope you had a fun time in Utah!

  7. I love slice of life posts like these... would eat there if possible...

  8. I love the salsa bar. I'd certainly want to sample every single salsa variety.

  9. The salsa bar there is amazing. The last time I went there, I could have just eaten chips the entire time. Your photos really do look great!

  10. mmmm! I'm just finishing out my first week of the south beach diet, and I've been craving chips and salsa this lately.. among others things. All the recipes/resources on your site are making this first week a lot easier though, so thank you. maybe I'll tide myself over with a mexican-inspired salad tonight.

  11. I have never heard of this restaurant. My husband, who could eat Mexican food morning, noon and night, will be thrilled. Great recommendation, Kalyn!

  12. My husband works in Heber, so we have been huge fans of Tarahumara since they opened a few years ago. You must go back when they have their patio open for festive outdoor dining!


  13. Year on the Grill, thanks! Maybe someday you'll get to Utah!

    Lydia, the salsas were fantastic. I know you'd like the spicy ones.

    Veeda, thanks! (I ate far too many chips myself, but couldn't help it, the salsa was so good.)

    Renae, good luck on the diet. (Sorry about the chips and salsa; Stay strong!)

    Dara, this would be a great place to take the kids too; nice drive and casual atmosphere.

    TW, it's a great place. I loved the salsa buffet.

    Donna, the patio sounds wonderful; will definitely remember that.

  14. We are planning a trip to SLC this summer we will have to try this restaurant. We both love Mexican!!

  15. wow, thats an amazing salsa bar
    i like that


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