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Low-Glycemic Recipes from My Food Blogging Friends (Web Wandering 6-8-11)

Photo of Sushi on a Cracker with Tamari Ginger Dip from Andrea's Recipes

If you're wandering around the web looking for low-glycemic recipes, you'll notice plenty of tempting sweet treats on food blogs.   Still, even though many blogs feature desserts, I see healthy recipe ideas all over the web when I'm saving links for my monthly round-up of South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes.  Sometimes the recipes don't quite make the cut for Phase One, but they're still South Beach Diet or diabetes friendly or would work for people looking for low-glycemic recipes for other reasons.   Of course every recipe on Kalyn's Kitchen uses low-glycemic ingredients, but I thought it would be fun to start spotlighting low-glycemic recipes from other blogs once in a while.   Go visit these wonderful blogs to see the full-size photo of the dishes and get the recipes!

The first recipe that really caught my eye this time is the Sushi on a Cracker with Tamari Ginger Dip (shown above) from Andrea's recipes.  Andrea uses whole grain crackers, and everything in this is a low-glycemic ingredient.  (Phase 2 or 3 for South Beach Diet, and use low-fat sour cream and cream cheese.)

Photo of Wasabi Cucumber Sesame Salad from She Wears Many Hats.
Repeat after me:  Wasabi Cucumber Sesame Salad.   When I spotted this recipe at She Wears Many Hats, I just wanted to make it immediately!  (Phase One for South Beach Diet.)

Photo of Summer Chopped Salad with Garbanzo Beans from Mountain Mama Cooks
You know anything that has garbanzo beans and feta cheese will be a hit with me, so two thumbs up for this Summer Chopped Salad with Garbanzo Beans from Mountain Mama Cooks. (All phases for South Beach  Diet but limit portion size for Phase One due to the beans.)

Photo of Tilapia Baked in Thai Green Curry from Closet Cooking.
I love tilapia, but I bet you could also use other types of white fish for this Tilapia Baked in Thai Green Curry from Closet Cooking.  (All phases for South Beach Diet but substitute Splenda for sugar, and use light coconut milk.)

Photo of Gina's Herb Salad with Tahini Dressing from The Daily Dietribe
Herbs and tahini dressing, it doesn't get much better than that for people like me who love Middle-Eastern flavors, so I know I'd love Gina's Herb Salad with Tahini Dressing from The Daily Dietribe.  (All phases for South Beach Diet.)

Photo of Moroccan Lentil Salad from Dinners and Dreams.
Another low-glycemic ingredient I love using is lentils, so this Moroccan Lentil Salad from Dinners and Dreams really appeals, and I'm intrigued by the tiny bit of mayonnaise in the dressing.  (All phases for the South Beach Diet.)

Photo of Slow Cooker Tomato Herb Soup from Soup Chick
If you live where days are warm but nights are still cool, something like this Slow Cooker Tomato Herb Soup from Soup Chick is an easy and low-glycemic dinner.  (Phase 2 or 3 for South Beach Diet due to the Agave Nectar, and it would be best to use all olive oil instead of butter.  If you substitute Splenda this could be Phase One.)

Photo of Grape and Feta Salad from La Fuji Mama.
And the last one for this time, and I loved absolutely everything about this Grape and Feta Salad from La Fuji Mama.  There's also lime juice, red onion, balsamic vinegar, and mint adding extra flavor.  (Phase 2 or 3 for the South Beach Diet.)

I hope you have fun visiting some new blogs to see these drool-worthy but low-glycemic recipes.  If you're a regular reader, I'd love to hear in the comments about how you like this idea of spotlighting recipes from other blogs once in a while.
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  1. I love this round-up! It's perfect for those of us who are more inclined towards the later steps of South beach...I could see myself making every one of these!

  2. This is a delicious and very helpful selection of low glycemic foods. A doctor my mom use to work for has been claiming for years that everyone should be eating low glycemic foods.

  3. Great fun to see low glycemic recipes from around the Web! (And thanks so much for including my soup -- I think it will be one of my new summer favorites.)

  4. This looks beautiful! I'm going to check out the links... thanks for sharing :)

  5. Joanne, I was thinking that, since most of us who try to eat this way are only doing phase one for short periods of time even if we're doing South Beach. Glad you like the things I chose.

    Maris, I agree completely with that!

    Lydia, love that tomato soup; I want to make it when I get a lot of fresh tomatoes.

    Cooking Creation, glad you like the recipes.

  6. That tomato soup looks delightful as does the garbanzo bean dish.

    Would you consider linking this web wandering up on Friday for our Friday Favorite Finds?

  7. Thank you for posting some tasty options. I always know to come to your blog if I'm looking for something that fits into South Beach (and diabetic :)

  8. Such a helpful post Kalyn - I have started looking into low glycemic cooking for some friends. I love the idea of highlighting specific topics and blogs that feature recipes that fit those topics.

  9. Some of these are now definitely on my "to make" list. I love finding new cooking blogs....too many blogs to read, not enough time.

  10. Great idea, Kalyn. Even though I've got a million recipes bookmarked to try, it never hurts to have a million plus five or six more!:) I look forward to more round-ups in the months to come.


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