Friday, December 02, 2011

Five Things on Friday (12-2-11)

Cooking dried beans in a CrockPot is a good idea for many reasons!

Sometimes on Fridays I like to share news or fun links I've found around the interwebs, and a couple of interesting things caught my attention this week.   Keep reading to see what I found, and if you came across anything fun this week in your travels around the web, please share those links in the comments!

Five Reasons to Cook with Dried Beans:
Alysa is a registered dietitian and personal trainer who writes a blog called Inspired RD, and I loved her post about 5 Reasons to Cook with Dried Beans.  Of course I'm a huge fan of beans but I do sometimes succumb to the allure of canned beans.  After reading this post I'm more determined to plan ahead and cook my own beans.  (And thanks to Alysa for the mention of my post on Cooking dried beans in a CrockPot.)

Dear Photograph
Dear Photograph is an interesting site that posts one reader-submitted photo per day, and each photo has a caption that starts "Dear Photograph."  The photos are often retro and the captions are poignant, witty, or sometimes just down right sad, but the site is an interesting glimpse into the lives of strangers in a way that's quite captivating.   (I'm sure I saw this on Twitter or Facebook, but I'm sorry I don't remember who shared it there.)

A Victim Teaches His Mugger about Compassion
I'm a fan of National Public Radio's StoryCorps, where people can record stories about their lives and submit them, and this story which NPR called A Victim Treats His Mugger Right was one I found especially moving.  (Also found via Facebook, where it was shared by many of my friends.)

Dinosaur National Monument is Open Again!
Did you know that Utah has more national parks and national monuments than any other state?  That's a bit of former-fourth-grade-teacher-trivia for your information.  I visited most of those sites as a child, and many again as an adult and one I always found fascinating was Dinosaur National Monument.  My favorite was the huge quarry, which was closed in 2006 due to safety concerns, so I was excited to read that it re-opened again in October.  If you come to Utah for a road trip, this is on my list of do-not-miss spots!

Eat Your Books is Indexing My Blog!
Almost two years ago I wrote about Eat Your Books, a site that indexes cookbooks so you can use it to search through the books you own.  Eat Your Books is still going strong and earlier this year they started indexing blogs.  I am excited that Kalyn's Kitchen is now being indexed by Eat Your Books, and also proud to be included with some other great blogs being indexed by Eat Your Books.

That's my five things for this week, but remember to share in the comments if you've found something on the web that's worth a visit, and happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite fun links of the week - it is nice to read something other than food once in a while. Congrats on being indexed in Eat Your Books!

  2. Thanks Jeanette! I agree that all food all the time can get pretty old. I am excited to be included in Eat Your Books. I need to buy a bar code scanner so I can scan in all my cookbooks!

  3. I always have cooked beans in my freezer but I've never cooked them in the crock pot first...what a great idea!!

    I haven't bought a can of beans for a long dried beans of any kind is so much superior not to mention waaaay cheaper!

  4. Cheryl, you guys are inspiring me to stop being lazy with the canned beans!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I did not know these sites.

  6. Helene, my pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. There's a free program you can download for your Mac that uses the computer's camera as a bar code scanner for books. It makes indexing your cookbook collection very easy. I'll find the link for you.

  8. Lydia, that sounds like a great solution for me, thanks!

  9. So happy that the Dinosaur Monument is open again...however, if you have not been to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City next to Red Butte Gardens, it is a world class must see. Five fabulous floors of stunning displays of nature (the kids love the interactive ones) and the dinosaur bones look awesome in their new setting...I was so enthused at their Gala, I bought a year's membership and took my 3 grandkids the next day.

  10. Wanda, thanks for the reminder about the new Natural History Museum. I have heard nothing but good about it; can't wait to go!

  11. Congratulations on being indexed! Very cook.

  12. You had me at the beans..... I love cooking beans in a crock pot too. Set it and forget it.

    I make bean soup in my big crockpot often. Put it together at night and it's ready in the morning. Let it cool while you get ready for work and pop in the fridge before you leave. Soup for the whole week or the freezer.

    The NPR story about the mugger is amazing. Caught it a few days ago. Amazing. There are angels walking among us.

  13. Thanks Deena!

    CJ, I loved that story about the mugger. I'm not sure I could be so generous myself.

  14. Kalyn, thank you so much for highlighting my post on beans! I am so glad you liked it, and I am happy to inspire you as you inspire me all the time :)

  15. Alysa, my pleasure. (And it's a mutual inspiration society, so fun!)


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