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Recipe for Swiss Chard, Mozzarella, and Feta Egg Bake

Swiss Chard, Mozzarella, and Feta Egg Bake
It may be nearly fall but my garden is still overflowing with Swiss chard, and this is a great way to use it.

Whether you're trying to lose weight or just trying to eat a healthy diet, you can never go wrong by eating more vegetables.  A few years ago I realized one way up your daily intake of veggies was by incorporating vegetables into breakfast dishes, and since then I've come up with lots of different breakfast ideas that involve vegetables.  You can use vegetables in breakfast casseroles or egg muffins, but lately I've been fond of a slightly different type of breakfast dish that I call an egg bake.  This Swiss Chard, Mozzarella, and Feta Egg Bake has lots of Swiss chard with just enough egg to hold it together, and my garden is still overflowing with chard, so I really need to make it again.

Stack up the chard leaves and thickly slice them, then give them a good wash in the salad spinner if you have garden chard.

Heat a little olive oil in a large frying pan, add the chard leaves all at once, and stir-fry until the chard is wilted and barely tender.

Here's how the chard looks after it cooks down.  This only takes 2-3 minutes, so don't overcook.

Put the barely-sauteed chard into a casserole dish that's 8 inches by 11.5 inches.

Sprinkle with the low-fat mozzarella and crumbled Feta.

Pour over 8 beaten eggs, seasoned with Spike Seasoning if desired.

I like to use a fork to gently "stir" so the eggs are well distributed.  It will look like a lot of vegetables for the amount of egg, but trust me!

Bake about 35 minutes at 375F/190C, or until the egg bake is set and barely starting to brown.  Serve hot, with a dollop of low-fat sour cream if desired.

Swiss Chard, Mozzarella, and Feta Egg Bake
(Makes 6-8 servings; recipe created by Kalyn.)

8-10 oz. Swiss chard leaves, sliced into thick ribbons
1/2 tsp. olive oil (depending on your pan)
3/4 cup low-fat Mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup crumbled Feta cheese
8 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. Spike Seasoning (optional but recommended; if you don't have Spike can substitute another all purpose seasoning blend)
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375F/190C.  Spray a 8 x 11.5 glass casserole dish with olive oil or non-stick spray.

Cut stems off the chard leaves and discard stems.  Stack up the leaves in a pile and cut the chard into ribbons about 1 inch wide.  (If your chard is from the garden, give it a good wash in the salad spinner and spin dry.)

Heat olive oil in a heavy non-stick frying pan, add the chard ribbons all at once, and cook while stirring until the chard has all wilted and slightly softened.  This only takes about 2-3 minutes; the chard will finish cooking in the oven.  Layer wilted chard, Mozzarella cheese, and Feta cheese in the bottom of the casserole dish.  

Beat the eggs with the Spike Seasoning, salt, and pepper and pour over the chard/cheese mixture.  (I take a fork and gently "stir" at this point to be sure all the chard/cheese mixture is coated with egg.)

Bake about 35 minutes, or until the egg bake is set and starting to lightly brown.  Serve hot, with a dollop of low-fat sour cream if desired.

This will keep in the fridge for at least a week and can be quickly reheated in the microwave.

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South Beach Suggestions:
With low-glycemic ingredients like eggs, Swiss chard, low-fat Mozzarella, and Feta, this tasty breakfast would be good for any phase of the South Beach Diet.

Nutritional Information?
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  1. looks very tasty, I still have chard on the balcony and I will cook it :-)

  2. I love easy casseroles and this one definitely fits the bill :-)

  3. Sandra, glad I gave you an idea for using your chard!

    Thanks CJ; really liked this combination.

  4. So healthy and great for breakfast. Thanks!

  5. I need to make more baked eggs for breakfast. Especially with feta. This sounds tasty!

  6. Thanks Stephanie and Becky! I love this combination.

  7. This was delicious! I added some stuff because I had them in the fridge. Success! I cooked up 4 slices of bacon (so unhealthy compared to the original recipe but so good). Then I took out the bacon and poured out the fat and sauteed an onion and three garlic cloves. To that I added the chard. I added some fresh dill to my eggs. I have three chickens and the fresh eggs taste AMAZING! I sprinkled the bacon on top of the dish and baked it off. No leftovers!!!


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