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Baked Mini-Frittata Recipe with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta (Phase One, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)

Baked Mini-Frittatas with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta
Baked Mini-Frittatas with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta are great for Meatless Monday.

I often make Egg Muffins, but this recipe for Baked Mini-Frittatas with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta is different, something I'd eat with a fork, maybe with a dollop of light sour cream.  For the mini-frittatas I used Jumbo Muffin Cups, and the recipe has lots of mushrooms and cheese, for a baked egg dish that's a fairly dense in texture.  I love starting the week out with Meatless Monday for so many reasons, and one of them is how it encourages simple meals when you've had a weekend that was slightly indulgent, and I'd love this for a meatless breakfast, lunch of dinner.

You can find more meatless recipes by using the label Meatless Monday or checking Vegetarian Recipes in the recipe index, and I'm also doing a meatless slow cooker recipe each Monday on Slow Cooker from Scratch.  For more Meatless Monday ideas from other bloggers check Meatless Monday at BlogHer, where I write a weekly post spotlighting one of the fabulous meatless recipe ideas I find around the web or visit my Meatless Monday Pinterest board.

I used 12 ounces of brown Crimini mushrooms, washed, sliced, and sauteed until they were nicely browned.

Rinse the 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese in a fine strainer.

Crumble 3 oz. of Feta cheese.

Preheat the oven to 375F/190C, and spray the muffin cups with non-stick spray.  Start with a layer of sauteed mushrooms in the bottom of each muffin cup.

Then make a layer of rinsed cottage cheese and crumbled Feta, divided among the muffin cups.

Sprinkle some thinly sliced green onion on top of the cheese.

Beat six eggs with the black pepper and spike seasoning.

Divide the beaten egg among the muffin cups.

Then take a fork and gently "stir" to mix the ingredients.

Bake about 30 minutes, or until the mini-frittatas are firm and lightly browned on top.

Baked Mini-Frittatas with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta
(Makes 6 servings; recipe created by Kalyn.)

12 oz. mushrooms washed and sliced (I used brown Crimini mushrooms, also called Baby Bellas)
2 tsp. olive oil (or more, depending on your pan)
1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, rinsed
3 oz. (3/4 cup) crumbled Feta Cheese
3 T thinly-sliced green onions
6 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp. (or more) Spike Seasoning (or use any type of all-purpose seasoning blend that's good with eggs)
fresh-ground black pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 375F/190C.  Spray 6 Jumbo Muffin Cups with non-stick spray.  (Or use any type of extra-large muffin cup or small ramekins, but the silicone cups will keep the egg mixture from sticking more than other types of dishes.)

Wash the mushrooms in a colander and blot dry with paper towels.  Slice mushrooms into thick slices.  Heat the olive oil in a large non-stick frying pan and saute mushrooms until they release all their liquid and it has evaporated and the mushrooms are lightly browned, about 6-8 minutes.  Layer the sauteed mushrooms into the bottom of the muffin cups.

While the mushrooms are cooking, put the cottage cheese into a fine colander and rinse with cold water until only the curds remain.  Crumble the feta cheese and thinly slice the green onions. 

Layer the cottage cheese, feta, and green onions on top of the mushrooms.  Beat the eggs with Spike Seasoning and black pepper, and divide eggs among the muffin cups.  Take a fork and gently "stir" the mixture so all the other ingredients are coated with egg.  Bake the mini-frittatas about 30 minutes, or until they are set and lightly browned on top.  Serve hot, with a dollop of low-fat sour cream if desired.

South Beach Suggestions:
These mini-frittatas are loaded with low-glycemic ingredients and would be approved for all phases of the South Beach Diet.  They do have a generous amount of cheese, so I would limit the serving size to one mini-frittata for a meal.

Nutritional Information? 
I chose the South Beach Diet to manage my weight partly so I wouldn't have to count calories, carbs, points, or fat grams, but if you want nutritional information for a recipe, I recommend entering the recipe into Calorie Count, which will calculate it for you.

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  1. These look yummy! I went to amazon and bought all of the sizes of the muffin cups; never tried the silicon ones, but if Kalyn approves, they must be great :)

  2. these frittatas sound like the perfect way to start your day post-Thanksgiving!! Healthy and satisfying.

  3. This is exactly the kind of breakfast I could eat every day. I make something similar in a very small frying pan, at least a few times a week. I love the idea of making these ahead, and having one each morning.

  4. Mini Frittatas!!! I adore frittatas, never thought to make them mini! Fabulous!

  5. Gabby, the silicone muffin cups are great for these and egg muffins. The metal pans seem to stick with eggs, no matter how much you spray. (And thanks for the vote of confidence!)

    Joanne, Lydia, and Pam, wish I had some to eat this morning!

  6. What a great idea for breakfast, brunch or lunch! I like the mini size.

  7. Kalyn, the Print Friendly Recipe is not working :( Also, do you think they would work subbing fat free ricotta for the cottage cheese?

  8. I proclaim you the queen of "mini" egg dishes, Kalyn! These look terrific!


  9. This looks awesome!!!! Can't wait to try.

  10. Thanks for the nice feedback everyone. I will check the print friendly link right now.

  11. Forgot to say, not sure how ricotta would work in place of cottage cheese. Might be a bit wetter; maybe cook a little longer.

  12. Would you be able to freeze these? Thanks!


  13. I used to freeze similar types of egg dishes, but eventually I decided I didn't like the texture after they were frozen (and they release a lot of liquid when they're thawed.) They will keep at least a week, probably longer, in the fridge.

  14. Can these be frozen and warmed in the microwave?

  15. You *can* freeze them, but I don't recommend it any more because they release a lot of water when they've been frozen. They keep in the fridge for at least a week.

  16. what brand of cottage cheese did you use for this recipe?

    thank you can't wait to try these!

  17. Natalie, I have absolutely no idea what brand of cottage cheese it was! It would have most likely been a low-fat "in-store" brand, either Kroger or Fresh Market.


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