Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten Amazing Meatless Monday Soup Recipes to Welcome the Arrival of Fall

Ten Amazing Meatless Monday Soup Recipes
Celebrate the arrival of fall by making one of my favorite Meatless Monday soups!

It's officially the first day of fall, and even though I'm one of those heat-lovers who likes to hang on to summer as long as possible, I do think autumn has the most glorious weather of any season.  I thought it might be fun to do something a little different this week for Meatless Monday, so to celebrate the arrival of fall I'm sharing Ten Amazing Meatless Monday Soup Recipes.  These are my personal favorite meatless soups, and I hope you'll try at least one of them to welcome the new season!

Want More Meatless Monday Soup Ideas?
I'm also celebrating the arrival of fall and Meatless Monday on my slow cooker blog, where you'll find Ten Amazing From Scratch Vegetarian or Vegan Soups to make in the Slow Cooker.  None of those are repeats of the soups on this list, so check out that post for more Meatless Monday soup options.  (If you still want more meatless recipes, you might might want to follow my Meatless Monday Pinterest Board, which has ideas from Kalyn's Kitchen and some of my favorite food blogs.  I also share a new recipe each week for Meatless Monday at BlogHer.)

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  1. With weather being extra chilly here combined with my love of soups, all I can say is OH YUM!

    Great round up!

  2. Thanks CJ! I do love all these soups.

  3. I need to try all of these! You have so much variety and great flavor going on here!

  4. Thanks Joanne. All of these are my faves, so I highly recommend each of them!

  5. To the poster "CJ":

    Where do you live where it's chilly already? I'll trade you for some of this "endless summer" S. Texas weather, lol.

    On the other hand, that's what air conditioners are for and mine stays on! Therefore, I'm trying at least a few of these recipes. Kalyn, these recipes are JUST IN TIME.

    I suffer with inflammation so I SIMPLY MUST watch what I put into my body. Besides this, my food budget is always a little tight around the end of the month so healthy, meatless recipes will surely come in handy.

    Even if I added bits of chicken or sausage to some of these, the recipes are HIGHLY affordable and doable!

    Your recipes are quickly becoming a part of my life!

  6. Terrah, I'm in Utah and we're having some cool days and cooler nights already! Glad you are enjoying the recipes.

  7. These all sound fantastic Kalyn! I'm cooking for a friend with cancer and am making lots of soups for her so I'll be taking a closer look at these recipes.

  8. These look so yummy! I have most of the ingredients to make all of them. So I have to decide which one first :) I think I'm going to start with the butternut squash soup and try adding in acorn squash. I have 1/2 of each of them leftover from the other day. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your talent. Im looking forward to seeing some Thanksgiving recipes to try out this year :)

  9. Jeanette, hope you enjoy trying some of them.

    Brian, comments don't show up until I moderate them. Hope you enjoy the soups.


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