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Slow Cooker White Bean, Mushroom, and Rosemary Spaghetti Squash Bowl

Love this delicious white bean and mushroom ragout, served in a bowl over spaghetti squash!

white bean and mushroom ragout, served in a bowl over spaghetti squash

A few months ago a reader named Amy sent me this recipe for Rosemary, Mushroom, and Chickpea Ragout served over toast, and I printed the recipe and added it to my big folder of "must cook" ideas.  (Thanks Amy!)  Then a few weeks later I was flipping through my friend Stephanie's newest book 365 Slow Cooker Suppers and I noticed a slow cooker recipe with similar flavors.  So you know where this is going don't you?  I combined ideas from both those recipes, plus a few thoughts of my own, and came up with this Slow Cooker White Bean, Mushroom, and Rosemary Spaghetti Squash Bowl.  Jake and I loved this, and he also thought it was delicious served over rice if you'd prefer that to the spaghetti squash version.  Whether you eat it on toast, over rice, or in a bowl with spaghetti squash, this mushroom and bean ragout is a satisfying blend of flavors.

This delicious and versatile vegetarian ragout is my Meatless Monday idea for this week, although I realize I am ignoring St. Patrick's Day with that suggestion.  If you're celebrating the holiday I highly recommend Roasted Cabbage with Lemon as a delicious green option!  For more meatless recipes, click on the label Meatless Monday or browse Vegetarian Recipes in the recipe index.  If you'd like to see some Meatless Monday ideas from other bloggers, follow our Meatless Monday board on Pinterest or check out my weekly post for Meatless Monday at BlogHer.

Cut one pound of brown Crimini (Baby Bella) mushrooms in thick slices, heat the oil, saute the mushrooms until they're starting to brown and all the water has evaporated, and add mushrooms to the slow cooker.

Add a little more oil to the pan and saute the onions until they're starting to lightly brown on the edges.

While the mushrooms brown, wash and finely chop the rosemary.  (If you only have dried rosemary, I would crush in a mortar and pestle.)

Add garlic, rosemary, dried thyme, and black pepper to the onions and saute about 2 minutes more.  Put the onion mixture in the slow cooker.

Add one cup vegetable broth to the pan and simmer until it's reduced to one-half cup.  (If you have some Better Than Bouillon Organic Mushroom Base or another good qualilty mushroom base, I'd add a small amount of that to the stock for even more mushroom flavor, but it's optional.)

While the stock simmers, rinse the beans with cold water, drain, and add them to the slow cooker.

Add the petite diced tomatoes with juice and reduced vegetable stock to the slow cooker and cook 3-4 hours on high.

While the ragout cooks, cook the spaghetti squash.  (You can cook the spaghetti squash in the slow cooker if you prefer, but I roasted mine.)  Cut the squash lengthwise into four pieces and scrape out seeds, rub with a little olive oil, season with a little Italian Herb Blend and roast at 400F for about 50-60 minutes, or until the squash is soft and shreds apart easily.

When the squash is done, use a fork to scrape off the strands and divide into four serving bowls.

By now the ragout is done, with lots of flavorful liquid to season the spaghetti squash.

Fill a bowl with squash, leaving a spot in the middle to fill with one-fourth of the ragu mixture.

Serve with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese, preferably shaved pieces of Parmigiano Reggiano if you have some.  Enjoy!

Slow Cooker White Bean, Mushroom, and Rosemary Spaghetti Squash Bowl
(Makes 4 servings; recipe adapted from this recipe for Rosemary, Mushroom, and Chickpea Ragout and a recipe for Mushroom and Bean Ragout in 365 Slow Cooker Suppers.)

I used my Crock-Pot 3-1/2-Quart Slow Cooker for this recipe, and it could have even been a little smaller.  If you only have a big slow cooker I'd double the recipe and freeze some of the ragout for another meal.)

Ingredients for Ragout:
1 lb. brown Crimini mushrooms (also called Baby Bellas) washed and thickly sliced
2 tsp. + 2 tsp. olive oil
1 large onion, chopped in 1/2 inch pieces
1 T garlic paste or finely minced fresh garlic
2 tsp. finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves
2 tsp. dried thyme
fresh ground black pepper to taste
1 cup vegetable broth, simmered to reduce to 1/2 cup
1/2 teaspoon Better Than Bouillon Organic Mushroom Base or other high-quality mushroom base (optional, but it does add to the mushroom flavor)
1 can (15 oz.) white beans of your choice, rinsed well with cold water and drained
1 can (14.5 oz.) petite diced tomatoes plus juice

Ingredients for Spaghetti Squash:
(This can also be served over toast or cooked rice)
1 large spaghetti squash
1 tsp. olive oil for brushing squash
1 tsp. Italian herb blend

Wash mushrooms and cut into thick slices.  Heat 2 teaspoons olive oil in a large frying pan over medium high heat and saute mushrooms until they're starting to brown and all the liquid has evaporated, about 4-5 minutes.  Add mushrooms to the slow cooker.  Heat 2 more teaspoons oil in the same pan, add chopped onions and saute until they're starting to brown, about 4 minutes.  Add the garlic paste or minced garlic, chopped fresh rosemary, dried thyme, and a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper and saute about 2 minutes more.  Add the onion mixture to the slow cooker.

Put 1 cup vegetable broth into the pan you sauteed the vegetables in and simmer over medium heat until it's reduced by half.  (Stir in a small amount of mushroom base for extra flavor if you have some.) 

While the broth reduces put the beans into a colander placed in the sink and rinse well with cold water (until no more foam appears) then let drain.  Put the reduced vegetable broth, drained beans, and tomatoes (with juice) into the slow cooker.  Cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 6-8 hours.

If you want to cook the spaghetti squash in the slow cooker, start it in another slow cooker at the same time you start cooking the ragout, but I roasted my squash.  Preheat oven to 400F/200C.  Cut the squash lengthwise into four pieces and scrape out the seeds and discard them.  Mist or brush the top of the squash with olive oil and season with Italian herb blend.  Place the squash on a baking sheet that you've sprayed with non-stick cooking spray or olive oil and roast 50-60 minutes, or until the squash pulls apart easily into strands.  

When the ragout is done, shred the squash apart with a fork and divide among 4 servings bowls, leaving a space in the center for the ragout.  Put one-fourth of the ragout mixture over the squash in each bowl and serve hot, with freshly shaved or grated Parmesan cheese if desired.  

This will keep for several days in the fridge and can be reheated in a microwave or on the stove.  The ragout mixture freezes well.

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South Beach Suggestions:
As shown in the photos, this recipe served over spaghetti squash would be approved for all phases of the South Beach Diet.  (Beans are limited for Phase One, even though they're a low-glycemic food, so if you're doing phase one don't exceed the serving size.)  If served over brown rice or whole wheat toast this would be phase 2 or 3.

Nutritional Information?
I chose the South Beach Diet to manage my weight partly so I wouldn't have to count calories, carbs, points, or fat grams, but if you want nutritional information for a recipe, I recommend entering the recipe into Calorie Count, which will calculate it for you.

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  1. I can never think of enough fun things to serve over spaghetti squash, but this definitely fits the bill!

  2. I've been using my new pressure cooker to make spaghetti squash, so I'd do this recipe in the slow cooker and the "fast" cooker. Or, could you cook the squash ahead of time, in the slow cooker, and then reheat it when the ragu was ready? I feel like the appliance queen!

  3. Now this is the way to use spaghetti squash! This is something I would happily make for my family any day of the week.

  4. Thanks Joanne, Lydia, and Dara. I'm really having fun seeing how versatile spaghetti squash can be. And a multiple-appliance meal makes it easy!

  5. Rosemary and thyme are two of my favorite herbs in combination - great idea serving it in a spaghetti squash bowl!

  6. Thanks Jeanette! I loved how the fresh rosemary infused this with flavor.

  7. I love the flavor of fresh rosemary with white beans. A great food marriage. ;-)

  8. This was dinner tonight, and oh my gosh, soooooo good! Great flavor profile combining the spaghetti squash with the earthiness of the beans and the mushrooms. I didn't change a thing, and it is definitely going in our regular "rotation"! Thanks for a great, inexpensive and delicious recipe!


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