Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Chard and Garlic Scape Pesto and Things I'm Thinking About (5-6-14)

Spring has sprung, and I'm rushing the season and thinking about Garlic Scape and Chard Pesto.

It's feeling a lot like Spring at my house, and even though I already complained about it once, can I say one more time that I'm feeling pretty serious garden withdrawals?  At my old house I would probably have volunteer chard coming up in the garden by now, and one of my favorite things to make in the spring is Garlic Scape and Chard Pesto like you see in the photos above.  If you like garlic, but don't know what Garlic Scapes are, use that link to go and read about them.  Then hit up your local organic grocer or farmer's market and make some of this amazing pesto right away!

Don't get me wrong, I love my new house, and I feel more than blessed to have a house that's big enough that my enormous family can come here for a party.  But I'm also optimistically making plans for a bit more gardening on-the-fly this year (until I can build a real greenhouse, hopefully this fall.)  Tonight I told my neighbor across the street how I was just going to slip a few tomato plants in among the flowers in a sunny but sheltered spot by my garage.  "The deer will eat them," she said, without even thinking twice.  I guess we're going to find out whether deer like tomatoes, mint, and basil, because those are the three plants I've decided I have to at least try growing outside this year.

Now on to a few more things I'm thinking about . . .

A lot of stuff gets passed around on Facebook that's not really worth your time, but occasionally I see something great.  This post about The 29 Most Influential Images of All Time was one that moved me.  (And speaking of Facebook, are you following Kalyn's Kitchen?  I share seasonal and timely recipe ideas there, and we do have some fun conversations.)

On Slow Cooker from Scratch, I confessed yesterday that I get lazy and use canned beans.   But I'm going to kick the canned bean habit; want to join me?

Taco Tortilla Stack from Taste and Tell
We just celebrated Cinco de Mayo, so a lot of drool-worthy Mexican food was showing up on my favorite food blogs, and one thing that knocked my socks off was this Taco Tortilla Stack from Taste and Tell.  With low-carb tortillas and light sour cream this could even qualify as a Phase 2 "once-in-a-while-treat;  I am so there!

This will probably get some of you going, but Science-Based Medicine just posted an interesting piece on Microwaves and Nutrition.  (I do have a microwave and use it pretty regularly.   Feel free to disagree in the comments, but keep it respectful please.  I believe everyone is entitled to make their own choices on all things related to food.)

Green Chile and Cheese Egg Muffins
Often when I'm sharing a favorite recipe on Facebook or Twitter I make a mental note that I don't especially like the photo, and plan to make it again and take new ones.  Sometimes after I've thought that about a photo, lots of people will comment on how good it looks and how they want to make it.  That happened yesterday with these Green Chile and Cheese Egg Muffins.  And I still think it's not a great photo, but what do I know?

Another Facebook find was 33 Unbelievable Places to Visit Before You Die.  Those photos really make me want to start packing my bags!

Which Beatle are you?  I'm totally George Harrison; I didn't need this quiz to tell me that!

And finally, have you ever made Infused Oils?  I am intrigued, especially by the Basil Infused Oil.

(You can use the label Things I'm Thinking About to see more round-ups like this one.)  What have you been thinking about lately?  Please share in the comments, and if you're spotted something especially interesting online, links are welcome.
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  1. As someone who has battled the deer for 15 summers, I can tell you that the deer will eat the tomatoes (or the chipmunks will, if the deer don't), but your basil and mint should be fine.

  2. Thanks Giuliana!

    Lydia, I'm sure you're right, but I have to try!

  3. If you plant mint, it will spread and grow wild. Be sure. To do some research on the herbs before planting in ground. If it's an area that needs ground cover, the mint would work. Every time you mow it, it smells great and then it comes back strong.

  4. April, thanks for worrying about me but I've grown mint for years so I will definitely be planting it in pots! I do love the fresh mint smell.

  5. I've had the same experience as Lynda - they love the tomatoes but they hate dtrongly smelling herbs like mint and basil. Maybe if you surrounded the tomatoes with the smelly stuff you could protect them?? Can't say I've tried it as I have a fence to keep deer out, but it might be worth a shot.

  6. Thank for the pointer to "the 29 most influential images". Although it shows horrific images of the worst of the human experience, there are many images of hope as well. As I write this, tears are still flowing. Everyone should view this!

    On a lighter note, I was intrigued by the taco stacks looks yummy. Clicking through this recipe, I discovered "Beef Taco Quinoa Salad Bowls". I am going to try that as well.

  7. Vicki, that's how I felt when I saw those photos too.

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

  8. I did not go out for Cinco de Mayo this year and I love Mexican food, so the tortilla stack is perfect this week, Kalyn. Thanks.

  9. Wanda, so glad you like it! Have a Margarita too!

  10. Do they have "Community Gardens" where you live? It could provide a temporary solution for you. You might even enjoy it so much that you'll end up preferring it to gardening at home.

  11. Gryf, thanks for the suggestion. Now that I live in a suburb, I don't know of any community gardens near here, although there may be some. But truthfully I don't think anything can replace just walking out to the garden a picking a tomato and eating it. I want my garden close to the house!


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