Eating Steak on the South Beach Diet and Kalyn’s Take on Montreal Steak Seasoning

Grilled Steak

By now I have pretty much every book written by the folks who created the South Beach Diet, so when I saw The South Beach Diet Supercharged I didn’t plan to buy it. Then my local Costco got the book, and when I looked through it I saw the newly expanded food lists, and I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Yes, I have the new book now, and I do like having the list of “foods to enjoy” spelled out a bit more clearly in this book.

Steak is something a lot of Americans love, and sometimes people write and ask me if you can eat steak on the South Beach diet. Of course, I’m not a representative of South Beach, so I can only give my opinion, but I tell them you can eat steak if it’s lean steak. The new books spells it out more clearly, specifying that “lean” means 10 grams or less total fat and 4.5 grams or less saturated fat per 100 grams. In other words, if you’re following South Beach you should choose steaks that are less than 10% fat. That’s not actually that hard to do, if you’re willing to do a little trimming.

I’m not a big steak eater, but I do eat it once in a while and recently I bought some steaks to cook for my dad and stepmother. You can see by looking that this Top Loin New York Steak is more than 10% fat.

However, once I cut off the fatty parts that I wouldn’t have wanted to eat anyway, there is only a small amount of fat left.

I had been experimenting with a few different versions of Montreal Steak Seasoning that I found online to come up with a combination I really liked, so I rubbed the steak with a tiny bit of olive oil, followed by the steak seasoning blend, then cooked it on the grill, and the steak was delicious, even if I’m still finding meat to be very hard to photograph! (Remember that olive oil is considered a “good fat” for South Beach.)

One ingredient I thought was a good addition to the steak rub blend I settled on was this Smokehouse Pepper which was sent to me by McCormick. (Full Disclosure: I rarely accept product samples from people who hope to have a product mentioned on the blog. If I do sample something, I never accept payment for writing about a product, and I only feature products which are something I would personally buy and think my readers would like.)

Kalyn’s Take on Montreal Steak Seasoning Rub
(Makes a little more than a cup, could cut recipe in half if you don’t cook beef that often. I used about two teaspoons of this mixture to season each steak. See list after the recipe for online sources I found which inspired my version.)

3 T Paprika (I used sweet paprika)
2 T black pepper (I used Smokehouse Pepper)
3 T salt (I used kosher salt)
3 T garlic powder (or granulated garlic)
2 T onion powder (or granulated onion)
2 T ground coriander
2 T dill weed
2 tsp. Cayenne pepper


Combine all spices in a small bowl and stir together. Store unused portion in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. When using, be careful to apply the steak seasoning with one hand and rub with the other so you don’t contaminate the unused portion.

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South Beach Suggestions:

In The South Beach Diet Supercharged the list of approved steak choices includes Flank steak, London broil, Sirloin steak, T-bone, Tenderloin (filet mignon), Top loin, and Top round.

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28 comments on “Eating Steak on the South Beach Diet and Kalyn’s Take on Montreal Steak Seasoning”

  1. Taking photographs of meat. Yeah, it can be a bit tough from time to time. The way I think of it is that Meat, is an Action Food. Unlike salad and greens, Meat is an Alpha food and wants to be on top and bold. Bring your shot in tight and only show a portion of the veggies or starch. Slice open as though you’re in the middle of devouring it. Sauces glisten, flatware is laid about. Meat doesn’t like to wait and hang out like bread & cheese do. Meat wants to go, like ‘right’ now.

    Oh man, I’m hungry.


  2. Biggles, thanks for the tips. Your meat photos always look so drool-worthy! Will try getting closer. I did take some photos of a tri-tip I cooked after this one that I think are a bit better. I’m finding with meat I can get a better look if I have it alone on the plate and turn the exposure down one level. I think Elise gave me that tip. I don’t think it will work so well with other food on the plate though!

  3. Kalyn, Montreal Steak seasoning is the ultimate blend for steak (IMO) and I’ve found the Kansas City blend to be similar.

    Try the seasoning with a potato packet in the BBQ.

  4. Just ate lean steak for dinner. Soooo good. I just whisked up some wholegrain mustard, olive oil, garlic and lemon thyme and poured it all over. I’ve saved your recipe now!

  5. Hello- since you mention the new supercharged book can you give a little mini review of it? I was thinking of purchasing it so a review of the content would be a big help.
    Thanks- Greg

  6. Hi Kalyn

    This sounds like a wonderful recipe. And the steak looks good too!

    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

  7. Greg, I don’t do book reviews on the blog (and don’t want to start because then publishing companies will be asking me to accept books to review even more than they already are, plus I try to keep the blog focused on recipes.) My policy is not to mention books unless I like the book enough to buy it myself. I did buy this book and really like the expanded food lists. I haven’t read enough of the rest of the book to comment on it, but I’m going camping this weekend and planning to take a closer look at it, especially the section about exercising and core exercises. I think Dr. Agatston is about my age, so I’m interested to see what kind of an exercise program he’s come up with.

    If you have the original South Beach book and use mostly traditional ingredients, and if you aren’t interested in the new exercise recommendations, you may not need the new book. For me, I feel like it was worth the money.

  8. Oh, I understand about the review.
    Your blog is great and it is nice to know about someone who is very public about their long-term success with south beach- inspiring!

  9. Like you I wasn’t going to buy the book until I kinda looked through it and thought it might have some additional information (I own all the other SB recipe books). The exercises are pretty basic and you could probably find them elsewhere but the diet/exercise is all in one book which makes the entire process a bit better.
    And I love me some steak on the SB!

  10. Yeah, exposure can be dicey with high contrast foodses. Which is why I bought a shoe-mount flash, I can put light all over the darned place. POW !!!

    My favorite steak seasoning is salt with a jug of red mountain goofy.

    xo, Biggles

  11. Yikes, I am having such a busy day. Blogger is doing weird things with this post, like breaking where the “read more” break should be and adding a tiny little line under some of the text I’ve spent hours trying to find a mistake in the html but don’t see anything.

    Peter, didn’t mean to ignore your comment. I bet it would be a good seasoning on potatoes!

    Mallika, mustard and thyme on steak sounds good too!

    Cottage Smallholder, great post on cooking steak.

    Mrs. L, I do like the book. Whether I’ll do the exercises, we’ll see!

    Biggles, I don’t have one of those separate flashes or any other fancy stuff! I’ll just keep plugging along. My next photo thing needs to be one of those shutter dealies where you don’t have to touch the camera.

  12. What is the nice looking side dish on the plate? It looks like maybe a slaw…? I’m definitely going to try this recipe. My family loves to go out for a steak dinner but it’s so pricey. Maybe this will make our home grilled steak taste like the restaurants.

  13. Amy, it’s Napa Cabbage Slaw with fennel. Recipe will be coming, but probably not this week, I’m going on vacation!

  14. I think a bit of smoked paprika might work well in this rub. I’ll try it!

  15. Thanks, Kalyn. I’ll look forward to that slaw recipe. Have a wonderful vacation!

  16. Kalyn – Have fun on your vacation! Will be looking forward to the slaw recipe.

  17. How cool that McCormick sends you products to try out! I think that’s awesome! My family loves grilled steak that’s been seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning, and so I’ll have to give your blend a try!

  18. I’ve not done much in the past with rubs, so you’ve got me thinking about experimenting more.

  19. Ah yes, dry rub for steaks. So good. Photos of meat in general get my mouth watering. I think you did just fine. Thanks for visiting the blog. Good to know someone is reading 🙂 how are you?

  20. Lydia, smoked paprika would be awesome!

    Amy and Joe, thanks for the vacation wishes. It’s the Denny Family Campout.

    Paula, never thought I’d say this, but actually it can be a pain to have people wanting to send you things. So many of them I don’t like, and then I feel guilty when I don’t ever mention it on the blog. I probably only mention 25% of the stuff I get, so if you see me writing about a product, you know I really liked it.

    TW, this was a fun experiment. I tried a couple versions before I hit on this mixture.

    Vanessa, I’m great. Counting down to retirement. We should do dinner when I get back in town.

  21. You know Kalynm I can certainly taste the coriander in Montreal, but I tried adding it to the seasoning I use and I liked it better without the coriander.

    Oh well I will have to try yours because it is different than the one I have been using for sure.

  22. Sue, I was a little surprised to see the ones with coriander too, but I did like it in this version.

  23. Make them talk of you as of a beautiful and charming woman and not a stout cow! But I know, how to loose weight!

  24. Obesity should be stopped at initiatory stage before it brings harm to your health! But I know, how to loose weight!

  25. I love your recipes.. I just started the S. Beach diet and your recipes are making this diet so much fun! Thank you =)

  26. Mamacita, you're welcome; glad it is helpful for you!

  27. Do you have a sub for the Montreal Chicken seasoning? I bought it, used it, and nearly gagged with so much sodium in it. Thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful recipes!

  28. Why don't you make the version in the recipe and just leave out the salt.

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